Riverside Lodge

Riverside Lodge

Saturday, 15 December 2018

A Parcel From Magic Mayhem!!!

Today is a special day. Jemima and Pickles and me (Fudge!) are going to show you the wonderful parcel we received from Sarah and the inhabitants of Magic Mayhem.

It is very cold here today, the ground is covered in snow and we are all feeling the christmas spirit, which is why I made sure to wrap Jemima up like a sushi roll (using the woollen scarf and cap Emily made me last year) and to dress myself up to look like the cute little angel that I am. (Mommy only got cross with me once this year. Okay, maybe twice. Okay, it was more than that!! But I was really very good most of the time...) 😅

Now isn't the time to look back and worry. It is the time to sit on top of a large parcel and imagine all the wonderful, creamy, delicious sweeties Sarah put inside there for me.

"Let's OPEN da pawcel, Fudge!!" Jemima orders. And I won't wait for her to tell me twice.

I get up wearing my beautiful white and golden angel wings to do my duty as christmas parcel opener.

Look at this, everybody. Have you ever seen such a beautiful and happy christmas cat?

Judging from my present I have been VERY good. It is time to do the happy dance.

Judging from the rest of the parcel, we have all been VERY good and truly need to cut it out right now and be a little naughty. 

Too much good behaviour could seem to Santa as if we were faking it, don't you think?

So we have another look at the cat that is dreaming of a white christmas and then we start opening presents.

Nina got this SPECTACULAR neck warmer with the cutest forest animal fabric we have ever seen.

It is a beauty and Nina is going to cherish it.

Jemima got a cosy turquoise rug for her room. Pickles and Quackie love how soft it is and that it is shaped like a snail shell.

I also received this tropical looking hat... 

"Fudge, stop playing with da food!!" Jemima giggles. 

Okay, okay, Jemima! I present to you -

a delicious plate of fruit for the Riversiders' christmas buffet!

"Yum, yum!" says Quackie, smacking her lips.

"Maybe we should have a bite of one of my presents, before we continue, Jemima?"

Now that I have my energy back, I can show you the last present. It is one of the best things that has ever been sent to us, because it suits me so well... but in order to show you, I have to take off my angel wings for a moment.


 Finally I got my own fairy wings, just like my cousin Fluby.

I am letting Jemima hold my magic wand for me. 

I will use it later, to produce a few more reindeer chocolates! 

💗 Thank you, Sarah, for all the lovely gifts! 💗