Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Friday 1 December 2023

Quackie goes for a swim

Yesterday Quackie went for a swim with a friend.

First, they swam around the little lake.

Two rabbits and a large green frog were watching them from the shore.

I wonder who brought Quackie to the lake... I bet it was the same little girl that was sitting on a soft blanket by the shore!

Quackie's tiny pink pram was parked next to the little girl's backpack. There was also a basket carrying a freshly baked rabbit cake.

Later, Quackie and her friend swam along the river and underneath the wooden bridge.

Quackie was in a hurry. She wanted to return to shore and eat a piece of the rabbit cake. 

Swimming was overrated and Quackie was sure the cake tasted yummy.



  1. Hello Nina!
    Oh my goodness, what an insane coincidence! I've been thinking about getting back into blogging these past few weeks a lot more than I ever have since I stopped. My little sister, who is now 6 years old, looooves Sylvanian Families as much as I do. I believe you were the first blog on the topic I ever discovered, so I showed your stories to my sister who fell in love with all your characters immediately. Her favourite story is definitely the one with the 3 Jemimas. She finds the part where Quackie faints hilarious. (Quackie is my favourite character, too). This Christmas, with you in mind, I decided to get my first Lundby dollhouse! As soon as I saw your blog post back in 2016 of the Red Rabbit House, I think I saw it first 4 years ago, I really wanted that type of dollhouse! So today I was going to send you an email writing that I was thinking about you and the Riversiders, and that I was getting the dollhouse for Christmas this year! I checked out your blog just for fun to read my sister a bedtime story, and then was ecstatic to find you had finally posted after years! Congratulations! I am now extremely inspired to get back into blogging again. I'm not sure what prompted you to write again after all this time, but what a magical thing, to have seen your post!
    Wishing you and the Riversiders all the best,
    Love Emilie

    1. Dear Emilie,

      Thank you so much for all your kind words and appreciation! And for remembering me!
      I love your message and it made my day.

      How exciting that you will be getting a lundby dollhouse for christmas! Feel free to share some images with me, if you like.

      Please say hi to your sister for me. I'm sooo happy to hear she loves "The Three Jemimas". It is one of my favourite stories, too.

      By the way, Quackie says hi to you both! She just told me, she isn't at all surprised to be your favourite character, since she knows she is pretty amazing... ;-D

      Take care and have a lovely Advent.

  2. Hello Nina,

    Welcome back! So good to see a new and lovely post in your blog. I love the photos very much. You are a great story teller.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Hello Drora,

      Thank you for your kind words.

      Please take care.

  3. Dear Nina

    I'm so pleased that you are back. I was getting worried after time stretched out following your last post. I hope you are well.

    And we have "the return of the Quackie"! Where has our little yellow friend been? Will the cake satisfy? 🙂

    Take care over this festive season.

  4. Dear Nina!!!
    What a wonderful surprise I had when I found your new blog post! You made my day! I can´t believe you´re back blogging after such a long time! I really hope everything is going well with you!
    What a sweet story! The pictures look amazing. I guess Jemina must be near the lake. I´d love to see her again!

    Take care and have a lovely festive season!