Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Sunday 11 December 2016

Prince & Princess Tomato

Today  we  are  going to spend some time at  the  Peachblossoms' house!  This  is  the  children's  bedroom:

The cubs Paul and Portia have very different tastes. As you can see from the wall deco on the right part of the room, Portia is crazy about sheep. She loves them because she thinks they are very peaceful and fluffy and never harm anyone on purpose. 
Paul is very much into penguins. The only sheep he is crazy about is his boyfriend Danny. You can see a foto of Danny on the left part of the wall.

Something that Paul and Portia share is their interest in Alice in Wonderland. They looove to read about Alice and her adventures and have put up two Wonderland posters. Their friends are usually creeped out by the large Cheshire cat hanging above the cabinet. The siblings, on the contrary, love the cat and its toothy grin. It helps them remember to always brush their teeth before bed!
On the left part of the wall, apart from a picture of Humpty-Dumpty, there are several stickers of penguins which Paul has dressed in Wonderland attire. One penguin is wearing a pink top hat and carrying a flamingo umbrella. Another one is wearing blue high heels and a Queen of Hearts crown. (Paul loves to keep his penguins well dressed.)

The siblings each have a nightstand at the foot of their bed with some of their favourite items on it. Paul's favourite toy is a huge penguin. He also likes his penguin book and, after over a month, is still guarding the Halloween truffles his mother gave him like a precious treasure.
Portia has already eaten her Halloween chocolates, except for one single truffle which is being guarded by her three plastic sheep.

The cubs have just come home after some extracurricular activities. They want to get ready for bed until they see some bright red clothing on the chair in the corner.
"What's this??" asks Paul. 
"It's the new clothing Mommy wanted us to try on!" replies Portia.

"Hmmm, this looks nice," she says, as she looks at the dress her mother has gotten for her. 
"My scarf feels really soft, Portia," says Paul.

"Let's try this stuff on!"

As they get undressed, Portia babbles a little about this and that.
"What do you want to be when you are an adult, Paul?" 
Paul thinks for a moment and then says, "A penguin!"

Portia rolls her eyes and says, "That's silly Paul! You can't ever realistically become a penguin. You're a bear. For life.
Paul scowls at his sister for a second and snaps,  "Well you didn't ask me what I can realistically, truly become when I am older, did you? You just asked me what I'd like to be..."
Portia doesn't want her brother to be upset, so she quickly says, "Alright, alright... Don't get mad. Maybe you can pretend to be a penguin when you are older. Like actors that pretend to be something they're not..."

"Couldn't I dress up as a penguin and visit kids in schools and sick children in hospitals and tell them all about the biology of penguins and read penguin stories and make penguin jokes?" Paul says turning around to face his sister.
"Sounds awesome to me..." she earnestly replies.
Suddenly Paul giggles. "The red skirt on your head makes you look like a tomato with a face, Portia! Hahaha!"

Portia giggles, too, and slips on the dress. As Paul leans over the bed to grab his clothing, he moans, "Awww man! I took off my clothes for nothing, Mother just got me a warm vest and a scarf, no trousers." 

Now it's Portia's turn to burst out laughing.

But then she sees that Paul is genuinely disappointed. 

"Don't worry, little bro! Let me give you a hand," she offers.
And she helps Paul back into his orange dungarees.

After helping him put on his beautiful new vest, she ties the scarf around his neck.

"Thank you, Porsh!" he says and means it.

Orangine enters their room to see how they look in their warm winter clothing and if it fits them. 
"Do you like it?" she asks. "I hope you don't mind the bright red, children, but there was no other colour in your sizes." (The Peachblossoms usually tend to stick to pastel colours.)

"Oh no, mother, I love my new dress!" gushes Portia.
"And I love my new vest and scarf, mother!" says Paul. And then he adds happily, "It's comfortable, mother, and it's warm, and it makes us look like prince and princess tomato!" 
Portia giggles.

"What a relief, my little royal tomatoes!" Orangine laughs, 
while giving her children a cuddle.

Hope you enjoyed finding out more about the Peachblossom cubs.

 Thank you for your comments!

Thank you, Jill, for Portia's stunning dress. 
Thank you, Kathy, for the adorable bedding set and carpet.


  1. I really love the way you tell stories. The bedding sets and carpet are adorable. I like the penguin and sheep styles, too. The tomato clothes are also very cool.

    1. Thank you very much, Sirkka!

      The tomato children have felt very happy and warm lately. :)

  2. Aww, this is so adorable! I love how the children have a wall to put posters on and thet they are sepeprated. Great how both children found a common intrest in Alice in Wonderland. I love the beds and the little chests at the foot of them, so cute! The bedroom looks lovely by the way.

    1. Thanks, Emilyyy!!

      So happy you like the bedroom I gave them. They insisted on each having a side of the wall to decorate.

      They feel very comfortable in their room and have become even more crazy about Alice in Wonderland lately... They are hoping to get some Alice toys from Santa. :)

  3. Die beiden Schnuckel sehen klasse aus in ihren roten Outfits - es muss wirklich nicht immer Pastell sein. Allerdings findet ja ein gewisser Jemand (nein, ich nenne keine Namen...), dass Portia and Paul eher als Strawberry Prince + Princess durchgehen würden... Wie auch immer, vielen Dank für die schöne Geschichte - es hat Spaß gemacht, das Zimmer der Beiden kennen zu lernen, mir gefällt, wie die Zwei ihre persönlichen Vorlieben zur Geltung bringen. Und ich wette, ihrer Mama gefällt es sehr, dass die Cheshire Cat ihre Kinder zum Zähneputzen animiert... ;O)

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke für Deinen Kommentar, Birgit!!

      Nicht nur der Mama gefällt das! Seit die Cheshire Cat im Schlafzimmer hängt, gibt es auch vom Zahnarzt der beiden nur noch Lob! :D

  4. I like how you give your characters personality- and the bedroom is lovely. I wanted to give Paul a hug when he said he wants to become a Penguin. I also like my penguins well dressed. Sarah

    1. Hahaha, thanks for your comment, Sarah! :D

  5. Oh< Portia and Paul are adorable in their new red costumes.
    It's nice that they share a bedroom and still decorate it in their own needs. Lovely bedroom. Nina you can be a successful animator with these lovely stories.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Drora!

      The children are excited to hear that you like their new clothing and their bedroom. It is a place where they feel comfortable and free to be creative.

  6. This story is adorable!I love the way you decorated their rooms and how each one has different likes and interests.The pictures where they´re getting dressed are so cute. I had to laugh at Potias´wearing the dress on top of her head and at her brother´s comment and also when he got all naked and had to put his clothes on again.Portia looks so sweet helping Paul to get dressed!They look adorable in their red outfits, perfect for Christmas time. Red really suits them.

    1. Thank you, Cutata!

      Although Portia sometimes thinks that Paul is silly, she always looks out for him and tries to help him whenever she can.

  7. Those items, textiles and toys are so cute!