Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Tuesday 28 February 2017

Hamish Has Enough

Hamish had finally had enough. No, he didn't leave Hester and the triplets to go drinking in the pub or start a new life somewhere else, he left the house that morning of the 24th of december to finally give that stupid old poltergeist a piece of his mind. It was the poltergeist's fault that his family had had to move into that shoddy old cottage in the woods, it was the poltergeist's fault that his wife was suffering from a loss of magic power and sitting on the cold wooden floor with her shivering triplets, crying. He wanted to scold the poltergeist so hard that it would finally make itself visible and apologize to his wife for all the mean things it had done. 

As he was plodding through the deep snow, his left boot came off.

He didn't let this distract him at all. He put it back on and continued on his way. He trudged on and on and on, over hills and mounds of snow.

Finally, when he had just started to get out of breath, he arrived at the old house.

He entered and felt surprised that it still smelled like home, even though they had moved out so long ago and taken all their belongings with them.

He took off his green boots, the purple scarf and his pink coloured cap. Everything was damp from the snow.

With a determined expression on his face he stomped over the floorboards.

The old built-in stove was the only item they hadn't taken with them. Hamish looked around the empty place.

"I am the master of this house and I have come back! I will not leave until you show yourself to me and listen to what I have to say, mischievious being!" boomed Hamish.

There was no reaction or sound whatsoever.
"I am staying, you hear me?? I won't leave till you come out!"

"Still here!" Hamish snorted and wiggled around in front of the stove, trying to provoke the poltergeist.

After half an hour of teasing and dancing around to attract the poltergeist's attention, Hamish was hoarse and his knees were hurting.

He wouldn't leave until the issue was solved, that was for sure. So he sat down next to the stove to rest a little and catch his breath. 

After another half an hour of sitting around, Hamish became overwhelmed by a feeling of utter boredom. He knew he wouldn't give in though, no matter what. Slowly, he extracted his pipe from his vest pocket.

He started to ask himself what he would do if his plan didn't work. What if the poltergeist was even more headstrong than he was?? But he musn't allow such thoughts into his head. It just had to work.

Hamish lit his pipe and smoked a while. This rather relaxed him. He watched the smoke swirl around him and slowly fill the room with its spicy scent.  

Suddenly he heard a muted cough and a loud clanking from inside the stove.

Hamish was so startled that he fell over, dropping his pipe onto the floor.

Was something inside the oven?? He laid his pipe on the stove top and bent down to open the oven door.

Something small and hairy tumbled out.

It wasn't just hairy, it was pink and naked too, and it had something long and blue sticking out of its back.

As Hamish bent down to help the little creature up, it bit him into his hand. "Ouch!" he exclaimed.

He managed to place it on top of the stove and then quickly took a step back so it wouldn't bite him again, all the while rubbing his hand. 

"Serves you right for annoying a forest pixie like that!" It snapped at him. "First you tried to smoke me out and then you wanted to kill me! Admit it!"

"Is that what you are?" Hamish asked incredulously, "A forest pixie?"  The pixie just blinked. Then Hamish continued, "Do you happen to know anything about a poltergeist in this house?"
The pixie cleared its throat and its tiny little cheeks suddenly turned bright red.

"Why should I know anything about a boulder-gise or whatever it is you have just mentioned?? I was just minding my own business here. Trying to keep warm. When somebody committed an attack on my life."

Though Hamish could seem insensitive at times, he was actually quite the contrary and rather a good judge of character. So when the creature's head suddenly  slumped onto the stove top and its tiny shoulders started to move up and down he realized that the pixie's resentfulness was actually sadness, and that although it pretended to be fearless, it was actually quite afraid.  

"Now, now, don't cry, little one. Let's talk," he said. And they did.

The pixie told him that one day in the woods she had had a row with a young badger who had ripped off her right upper wing. When she returned to the scene of the quarrel to retrieve it the next day, she saw a large female wild boar pick it up and put it into a glass jar. She followed the boar (who turned out to be Hester) and decided to hide inside the Hogwarts' home until she found the jar with her wing. She never did though (here the little creature sobbed) and instead, due to all her fussing and throwing things about, she hurt her head one day on some furniture, knocking off one of her fragile pixie ears

She leaned over to show Hamish her missing body parts.

At that point Hamish couldn't help himself. A big fat tear rolled down his cheek. He turned away so that the pixie wouldn't see, but she saw it anyway and it made her feel a lot better.

Hamish cleared his throat. "But why didn't you just talk to us and ask us for your wing back, you silly little thing?!" he inquired.

"I did not know that I could..." she whispered.  "My kind doesn't believe in talking to Sylvanians... I've been told that Sylvanians cause trouble and are not to be trusted and that it's best not to interact with them at all... I'm sorry..." she squeaked.

Hamish was no longer mad at all. All he felt was pity and a huge chunk of guilt as he understood how the Hogwarts themselves had (though unwittingly) been resposible for much of what had happened. It seemed to Hamish like there had been serious prejudice on both sides, from the forest pixie toward the Hogwarts and from the Hogwarts toward the poltergeist... that wasn't one after all.

Instead of trying to communicate with the "poltergeist", they had put all their energy into trying to ward it off, making the pixie more and more desperate in the search for its wing (and ear)...

"There, there," said Hamish, once again clearing his throat, "There's no more reason to cry. Once we've gone home and explained it all to the Mrs, she will put everything right again."

And with that said, Hamish started to get dressed. He put his cap and boots back on and the pixie handed him his pipe, now no longer believing that he had been trying to harm her in any way.

As Hamish trudged through the snow with the little pixie wrapped warmly into his purple scarf he let out a sigh of relief. Hester would be thrilled to hear that the poltergeist problem was finally solved. SOLVED!!

The forest pixie was bewildered. Never had she thought possible that Sylvanians could be so easy to talk to. As she imagined getting back her wing and ear and maybe even being offered a cup of hot chocolate and being treated like a guest this time and not an intruder, she felt the warm tingle of anticipation and smiled.

Thank you all for your patience and comments!

This story was made up a long time ago, but I didn't have the time or peace to write and post it until this evening.

I  made the polterg... I mean forest pixie(!) from polymer clay (fimo).



  1. Hi Nina!! It was worth the wait! What a wonderful end to the poltergeist mystery!.I´ve already congratulated on your big imagination but I have to do it once more.The forest pixie is so cute. Poor thing, I also feel sorry for him.I hope he can get back his wing and ear. I´m sure Hester will treat him as a guest when she founds out the truth about the poltergeist. What a relieve to know there was nothing scary or disgusting what was causing so much trouble but a cute chubby forest pixie.He looks adorable!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Cutata!!!

      I am glad you like the pixie. She is really looking forward to meeting Hester again now and I think they will get on well this time. :)

  2. Hi,
    Your imagination is very big. And you really are good storyteller. What a wonderful end to the poltergeist mystery! Pixie is a cute creature! I am sure Hester will treat him well when she hears the truth about the poltergeist.

    Hamish is a gentleman. I liked the way he wrapped Pixie into his scarf.

    Have a nice week!

    1. Thank you, Sirkka!!

      Hamish thought it was the least he could do to wrap the little pixie up into his warm scarf for the way home. After all she had been through...

  3. What a great storyteller you are dear Nina. Now wonder I missed your posts. Welcome back.
    Lovely pixie and lovely photos. I enjoyed this post very much.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Wow, Drora! Thank you for so many compliments!!!

      I am sure the pixie is very happy that people like her! It makes up for all the time she was feeling helpless and lonely.

  4. You create such amazing stories Nina! Your forest pixie looks great, the poor little thing. Hopefully Hester can fix her or at least make her feel better! Hamish did show some determination to solve the problem and I think it was worth it! I have read your comment Nina and made a reply as well as finally updated my blog. Sorry it took a while!

    1. No problem at all, Emily, and thank you so much for reading this long story and commenting!

      I agree, Hamish was very determined to finally solve this - it shows how much Hester and the children mean to him.

  5. I love your story Nina. I had a feeling it was something other than a scary poltergeist I am so glad it turned out to be such a cute pixie I think her and Hester will become good friends. Hamish is a very gentle-man :)
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you so much, Maria!!

      I also have a feeling Hester and the pixie will get along well! :)

  6. Hey Nina,

    I loved reading this story - it was so heartwearming! The poor pixie missing her ear and wing - no wonder she had act like that! I had a good laugh about the oven part XD.
    I'm sure Hester can help her - and I believe they'll be good friends:)

    Yours Kyra

    1. Thank you so much, Kyra!!

      Yes, poor pixie had a very hard time. One can hardly imagine what it must be like to lose a wing and an ear and not get them back!!

  7. Ich finde es immer wieder höchst beeindruckend, wenn Hamish ein Tranchen verdrückt... und ich habe diesen Post Wort für Wort und Bild für Bild genossen. Eine wunderschöne Geschichte erzählst Du da... in der sich böse Poltergeister als bedauernswerte Waldelfen entpuppen. Wie schön, dass diese Geschichte noch weiter gehen wird... ich freue mich schon auf das große Finale.

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Wie schön, dass Du meine Geschichte gelesen hast, liebe Birgit!! ❤

      Ich glaube, Du hast schon vor einiger Zeit in einem Deiner Kommentare etwas in Richtung Kobold vermutet, als Hester noch immer Zaubertränke gegen Gespenster braute! Nun, manchmal lassen die "Symptome" eben doch nicht auf die "Krankheit" schliessen...

      Danke für Deine lieben Worte!! ❤

  8. What a delightful twist! Thank you for sharing your imaginative stories :D

    1. Thank you for reading my stories, Sarah! :))