Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Monday 10 April 2017

Flowers and Friends

Finally spring is here and nature is full of budding and blooming flowers.

Little Jemima Periwinkle paid me a visit today and spent all day playing in the garden, pretending to be a flower fairy.

She brought along some friends. This is "flower fairy" Fudge. But where is his companion?

There he is! Pickles the flower fairy - I mean... Pickles the green dragon! - has found a cosy seat inside a yellow crocus.

Fudge and Jemima don't think twice about joining him.

Fudge, as a fan of headwear, pretends to be presenting his new daffodil hat.

And Jemima believes to have found her spirit flower. It is just as pale as she is, with a touch of yellow.

What is sitting on top of that leaf?? 
Is it a worm, is it a snail? No! It's Pickles the miniature dragon!!! 

"There you are, Pickles!" pants Fudge as he arrives at the top of the branch. After a while he climbs back down to explore someplace else...

"Isn't this a wonderful day?" says the little Biwubear. "The garden is full of colours!"

Later on the three play hide-and-seek inside my spring wreath.

"Gotcha!" says Jemima as she discovers Pickles sitting on top of a spool. His skin serves for camouflage amid all the green, but Jemima is a very good seeker and finds him anyway.

Fudge starts to hum a happy tune while sitting among the yellow flowers.

 Pickles joins him and swings his tail to the beat.

Jemima is also enjoying herself.

"I'm Jemima da flowa faywee! And dis is my yellow flowa bed!"

Finally, Fudge decides to sit down on the grass.

It's nice to relax and look at the daisies...

 But it's even more enjoyable with friends!!

I hope you liked this outing with Jemima, Fudge and Pickles. 

We wish you a very pleasant day!


  1. What a fantastic playground Spring provided for the three "Musketeers". Great photos!
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Thank you for your comment, Drora, it made me smile. :)

  2. Hi Nina,
    Thank you so much for such a wonderful post and amazing pictures!! Absolutely gorgeous! I find it really hard to find a favourite photo. They are all fantastic!
    It´s nice to see how the weather is getting better and Jemima, Fudge and Pickles can have fun outdoors.
    I´m really impressed at your spring wreath!! I still remember how lovely was your autumn wreath but this one looks great too. Did you make it?

    1. Thank you, Cutata, for your kind words!!

      My furry children (Sylvanian, Biwu and other) are indeed having a lot of fun in the spring weather. :)

      No, I did not create this wonderful wreath myself! I bought it some weeks ago while visiting a lovely little town where there is a water mill and a castle. :)

  3. Vielen Dank dass Ihr uns mitgenommen habt auf diese schöne Gartenexpedition! Ich weiß nicht, wie es Dir geht, liebe Nina... aber wenn meine beiden pelzigen Chaoten... äh... Lieblinge auf Gartentour sind, dann öffnen sie mir immer den Blick für die Schönheiten der Natur und ganz besonders auf die kleinen Dinge wie z. B. die Gänseblümchen im Garten, die man sonst auch mal übersieht. A propos übersehen... mit Pickles Verstecken zu spielen ist offensichtlich recht anspruchsvoll! ;O)

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Danke für Deine Worte, liebe Birgit. Es ist mir auch so ergangen, aber vor allem staune ich immer wieder darüber wie fotogen die drei sind, besonders Fudge... :O)

  4. Lovely photos! The three are having so much fun outside!

  5. Hey Nina,

    those are wonderful pictures. My favourite is the last one. Jemima looks so adorable between the flowers :)
    I wish you a happy Easter!

    Ganz liebe Grüße,

    1. Vielen Dank, Kyra! Dir auch frohe Ostern! :)

  6. Too cute for words! Love seeing them all enjoying the outdoors and the descriptions you give them

  7. Hallo Nina,
    was für tolle Frühlingsbilder!!! Hier ist es heute wie im Herbst. Grau, kalt und Nass.....
    Kann nur besser werden.
    Liebe Grüße

    1. DANKE, Melli. Bei uns ist es gerade auch kalt und grau! Ich wünsche Dir trotzdem einen ganz tollen Nachmittag!!! :)