Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Tuesday 21 January 2020

Parcels from Ayrell and Drora

Dear readers, 

This is your favourite little Riversider Biwubear named Fudge presenting to you more of the wonderful christmas presents we received from friends in blogland.

But, first of all I need to correct my Mommy, who in our last post wrote that the little blue goblin she received from Birgit was made by Georgia Marfels. Unfortunately, she made a mistake. The goblin was actually created by Nicky Cooper. Sorry for the mistake and thank you, Birgit, for pointing it out!  :O)

Now back to Ayrell and Drora's presents.

Ayrell from Arcfield gave us this delightful christmas postcard, which she made herself(!)

and something wrapped inside this cheerful green cat-and-dog-christmas paper...

Our very own official Sylvanian Families Calendar for 2020!!! 

This is awesome, especially since it is Mommy's first SF calendar in the 10 years that she has been collecting Sylvanians.

Have a look at these adorable pictures.

As a special bonus, the calendar contained this stunning photo for december of 2019, so we were able to start using it right away! 

Thank you so much, Ayrell! It was wonderful swapping presents with you and my Mommy likes your gifts very much!  :O)


The next person that sent us presents is Drora

Have a look at this beautiful bird card. An artist called Itzik Adir painted this image with their mouth. (I can't even paint this nice using my paw...)

At first I wasn't very happy about these presents wrapped in Colgate packaging... Was Drora suggesting that the Riversiders should brush their teeth more??

Fortunately, there were really delightful presents contained inside. Nothing to do with dental hygiene at all.  :O)

Here are two sweet little pandas, a practical tray and a whimsical green teapot with frog eyes. (Hester has already reserved it for the Hogwarts.)

Then, there was this gorgeous potted plant,

 a bunch of tiny houses (so cute) and a crate filled with pansies.

Last but certainly not least, Drora has made us the proud owner of one of her stunning walnut dioramas!!! 

Unfortunately, the postman got himself a bunch of negative points in Santa's Book when he cracked part of the shell.

Isn't it a good thing that Nina is quite handy with transparent glue? 

Have a look at the restored walnut scene. 

Isn't Drora's miniature snow scene amazing?  :O)

Dear Drora, thank you for your friendship and for generously gifting us these beautiful handmade miniatures!

Have a great week everybody! 

Greetings from me (Fudge) and best wishes from Nina.


  1. Dear Nina,

    What lovely gifts you received! The miniature snow scene is very amazing indeed and the potted plants and flowers are adorable! The card is stunning beautiful--I can't believe someone painted that using their foot!!! I'm loving the green frog-eyes tea pot, but Hester must love it even more than I do, reserving it especially for the Hogwarts! You are very lucky to have such good collector friends! I hope you're enjoying your January!

    Emilie and the Maples

    1. Hello Emilie!

      I re-checked the information on the back of the card and it was actually painted by mouth by an artist called Itzik Adir. Amazing, isn't it? But there are other artists from the same organization that paint by foot.

      Thank you so much for your comment and my very best wishes to the Maples and you!

      Hugs, Nina

    2. Oops, I made a mistake. I must have read too quickly. Mouth-painting (or whatever you want to call it) is still pretty amazing!

  2. Hi Nina!
    Congrats on these wonderful gifts!

    The SF calendar Ayrell sent you has stunning pictures!I can imagine you got a great surprise when you opened her package.

    Drora´s handmade miniatures are truly amazing! She´s so talented. Her walnut scenes are a work of art. You did a great job restoring it.


    1. Thank you for your kind words, Cutata. It really was a great surprise for me to receive my very first SF calendar! What a treat. :O)

      Drora is very talented indeed and I did the best I could to restore her wonderful scene, so that I will be able to enjoy it for a long time to come. Hugs to you too!

  3. Dear Nina
    I burst out laughing when I saw the Colgate packages. I must confess packaging is not my not my strong fort. I am so pleased you managed to fix the damage to the nutshell. Enjoy all my dear friend.
    A big hug,

    1. Thank you so much, Drora.

      Seeing the walnut diorama on my shelf every day makes me happy.

  4. Beautiful gifts from dear friends.

  5. So viel ist mal klar - das mit dem allerliebsten Riversider BiWuBär unterschreibe ich sofort und mit voller Überzeugung! *schmunzel*

    Lieber Fudge, Kompliment für die tolle Präsentation dieser fantastischen Geschenke, das hast Du richtig gut gemacht. Einen wunderschönen Kalender habt Ihr da bekommen und wir fanden auch die Karte sehr schön. Allerdings sind wir hier uns einig, dass der offizielle SF-Kalender nur halb so schön ist wie der Riversider-SF-Kalender. (Und nur, damit ich das mal erwähnt habe - ich freue mich sehr, dass ich Dich dazu inspiriert habe).

    Und Droras Geschenke sind ja wirklich der Hammer - allerdings macht uns das hier auch ein wenig traurig, denn ihr Paket für uns ist leider immer noch nicht angekommen. *seufz* Wir geben aber die Hoffnung nicht auf - und freuen uns für Euch. Und Kompliment an Nina für die professionelle 1. Hilfe an einem Walnuss-Kunstwerk - wenn man's nicht weiß, sieht man's nicht.

    Liebe Grüße
    Birgit (und von den BiWuBärchen auch - die immer noch breit grinsen wegen Deiner Reaktion in Sachen Zahnpastaverpackung)

  6. Dear Nina,

    I'm so glad you liked the Calendar I sent you! I'm sorry I didn't manage to send you anything else, I feel like I should have sent you more gifts, specially as your package was so lovely and made me so happy! Thanks again! :)

    I love Drora's beautiful gifts! Those little scenes are so lovely! So glad you were able to fix the poor walnut!

    Have a wonderful week!