Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Thursday 28 April 2011

Welcome to Riverside

Do you know the Periwinkles? If not, you shall meet them today! The Periwinkles are mother Julie Periwinkle, father James Periwinkle and little baby Jemima. They are all very excited, as today they are moving to a small village called Riverside. 

 Papa Periwinkle has found them a lovely home by the river. The house is called “Riverside Lodge”. It is a bright and cosy little house, with three rooms and a stove. Come inside and have a look!
You might be surprised that the house is completely empty! Well, the Periwinkles are still waiting for the moving van with their furniture to arrive… There it comes!

Several hours later, in the early evening…

Papa Periwinkle is still busily working away. He is designing furniture for the new living room. 
What do you think is happening upstairs?

Upstairs, in the bathroom, little baby Jemima is preparing for her bath.

She loves the warm water. Mama Periwinkle washes her with the soft pink cloth, until she is squeaky clean!

Baby Jemima loves her rubber duck.

She calls her Quackie.

After bathing Jemima, Julie Periwinkle puts her daughter to bed. She tucks her in really tightly, the way her baby likes it, and goes downstairs to have a cup of tea with her husband.

What a great day this has been! The first day in their new home!


  1. Great beginning of a great fairy-tale! Charming characters and nice photos! My congratulations on the blogolife starting!

  2. love the creative photos and stories!! i just LOVE them!! great job :)