Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Saturday 30 April 2011

A New Workplace

Christopher Longblossom, the owner of Riverside's bakery, has had to travel abroad unexpectedly. He does not know when he will return to Riverside, if ever. When the Periwinkles found out about this, they asked Christopher Longblossom if they could rent the bakery and run it for him, during his absence. Christopher was thrilled at this idea, and agreed immediately. Due to these events, the Periwinkles have taken over Riverside's beautiful Water Mill Bakery. They feel very lucky to have found new jobs so quickly!

Today, Julie and James Periwinkle are going to show us their new workplace.

 Let's follow them to the Water Mill Bakery! 

Here we are. 

 James and Julie are ecstatic. They are going to enter the bakery for the first time as new tenants. They are inviting us inside. Let's go!   

The two rabbits examine every detail as they enter their new workplace. The interior seems to be in perfect condition. But, oh! The dust! It has formed a coat on the floor and the counter. Julie and James decide to give everything a thorough cleaning. 

First of all, Papa Periwinkle goes outside to get some water from the millstream.

Now they can start to clean. James' wife has already started to wipe the counter.

James is cleaning the oven, while Julie is polishing the display.

Together they clean the dough mixer.

After the entire bakery has been wiped clean, the Periwinkles start to carry inside all the baking utensils. They start with the trays,  which they are going to need to display the pastries on. 

"Let's put them in the shop window," says Julie.

Then, she gets the cash register. It is brand-new.

While James carries in the scale, Julie tries out the cash register to see if it works.

Done. Now the bakery is ready for tomorrow, when James and Julie Periwinkle are going to bake and sell their fresh bread, cakes and cookies. 

"I love you, my precious willow catkin," says James. He does this quite often, mostly when he is as content as he is now.

"I love you too, James," replies Julie and smiles at him. 

Before they leave, they look around the shop one more time, in anticipation of the next day.


  1. I was very happy to read the second chapter of you wonderful story! The pictures are great! I'm only curious to know who looks after little Jemima while her parents are both working? ;-)))

  2. I really like the second part also!
    I will wait for the next one!!!