Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Hello Kitty Week


It's Hello Kitty week in Riverside! James and Julie Periwinkle have baked delicious breads and pastries inspired by Hello Kitty. 

They have decorated the Water Mill Bakery with posters and pictures. A red sign above the door now says: "Hello Kitty Bakery"!

 Look at these wonderful cakes! There is a Cinnamoroll cake with white icing, a chocolate Hello Kitty cake and a My Melody cake made of strawberries.

 In the display there are colourful sandwiches and pastries, a beautiful Kitty muffin and a delightful apple cake!

Julie Periwinkle has prepared two more cakes.

Now they need to bake in the oven.

James Periwinkle is standing outside the bakery to greet the customers.

Baby Jemima and Quackie are there, too. Jemima has brought along her piano and is singing a Hello Kitty song:

"Bakey Hello Kitty,
 Yummy Hello Kitty,
Pretty Hello Kitty,
 Yum, yum, yum!"

Suddenly they get company. It's Angeli and Maxino! 
"Wow, Mr. Periwinkle, the cakes look gorgeous!" says Angeli. 

Then she goes to Jemima and says, "I really like your song! Can we sing it together?" "Sure!" replies Jemima.

 "Bakey Hello Kitty..." This time Angeli and Quackie sing the song, and Jemima accompanies them on the piano.

Then the kittens go into the bakery.

"Good morning Mrs. Periwinkle!" they say. "Hello you two!" answers Julie and adds, "What a lovely dress you are wearing, Angeli! Is it new?" "Thank you," replies Angeli. "Yes, it is new, I got it for my birthday, and my yellow purse, too!"

Mrs. Periwinkle goes to the front of the store to show Angeli and Maxino their wonderful selection of Hello Kitty foods. 

Maxino notices a big jar and stares at it. "Hmm..." he whispers. "Peanut butter!"

 "I'm sorry Mrs. Periwinkle," says Angeli, "But our mother only gave us enough money to buy a baguette." 

"No problem!" replies Julie and bends down to take a french bread out of the basket.

Then, Julie has an idea. 

"Since you are our first customers again, I would like to give you a present," she says. She reaches for the Hello Kitty sausage bread and puts it into another bag.
"Thank you so much, Mrs. Periwinkle!" the siblings say. 

"Have a nice day, you two!" wishes Julie. "You too, Mrs. Periwinkle! Bye!"

 Julie Periwinkle goes back into the shop. She is not happy with where the basket of bread is standing.

So she places it...

...on the other side of the counter. 
"There. That's better." 
She decides to go and see how James and Jemima are doing.

In front of the shop there is a surprise for her. Teresa Babblebrook has just appeared around the corner with a group of children. "Hey Toby!" laughs Julie, "It's good to see you!"

She greets Toby and kisses him on the forehead. 

"Look, Jemima, this is Teresa's kindergarten class!" 
Jemima has never seen so many little children before. She feels a bit shy today, but she is also very curious about them.

"Let's go inside, children!" says Teresa. She is eager to see the Hello Kitty pastries.

 "Julia!" Teresa exclaims, "You have outdone yourself, again!" 

The children start walking around the store. Toby goes to greet Jemima.

 "Hello Jemima!" he says. "Hello!" Jemima squeaks.

"I like Hello Kitty," says Toby. "She is cool." Jemima is very happy about this. "She tastes good, too," she adds. 

"Please give us the two large sandwiches in the display!" says Teresa. "My little ones can share them during lunchtime." 

Now all the children are listening to Toby and Jemima talk about Hello Kitty. They are very impressed that Jemima knows so much about her and the other Sanrio characters. "I also like the Cinnamoroll cake my Mommy baked. Cinnamoroll is a white doggy that can fly! Do you like doggies, Toby?" "Yeah, sure!" Toby answers.

 In the meantime, James has packed the sandwiches for Teresa and the children. "Well, my dears," Teresa says to Julie and James, "I have to leave you now. I am taking the children back to the nursery." 
"But," she adds, "I might come back this afternoon for one of those lovely muffins..."

  "See you soon!"

"Bye, bye!" says Julie and it seems to her, that Teresa is having a hard time leaving behind her muffin! 
Teresa is carrying one of the sandwiches, and Toby is carrying the other.

"Bye!" Teresa says one last time, and off she goes, with her kindergarten class looking forward to their special snack.


  1. Oh, I love this bakery! :)

  2. Dear Nina, I was very delighted to read the next chapter of your wonderful story! Well done!

  3. Yum yum! :)
    the story is so sweet, and your Sylvanian collection is really impressive!

  4. I don't know if you will read this comment because this post is old but I read your story and I liked it so much that you deserve a big clap.You left a comment in my blog in my story about a ride to the bakery and you said you owned the watermill bakery too.I was curious about it and I'm glad I found your post.The Hello Kitty week is a great idea.Love the way this miniature food looks.

    1. Hello Cutata, thank you very much for reading one of my old stories! :) I read ALL comments on this blog! :) The miniature food presented here is from the Re-ment "Hello Kitty Bakery" Set. I am happy that you enjoyed it.