Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Friday 23 September 2011

A Letter from Plumcake

It's Saturday afternoon and the Periwinkles are enjoying their weekend. 

 James is gardening and little Jemima is helping him.

Quackie is watching.

James is watering a plant, as Julie steps onto the porch. 

She is holding a letter in her hand. "James! Jemima! We have just received a letter from Plumcake! Let's read it all together!"

James carries the plant onto the porch. Jemima runs after him. "Wait for me, Daddy!"

"Do you want me to help you?" asks Julie, as her daughter tries to climb onto the porch. "No, Mommy. Jemima a big girl!"

Now they are all sitting on the porch, eager to hear their relatives' news. James starts to read the letter out loud:

Dear James, Julie and little Jemima,

How are you? Does little Jemima like your new home? 

We are very happy to hear that your new job at the Water Mill Bakery became 
successful! A few days ago, a stranger came to Plumcake and told us what 
a lovely bakery there is in Riverside!
She told us, it had been Hello Kitty week. She had tasted a 
Kitty muffin and an apple cake and found them amazing! Do you know this 
stranger? Unfortunately we forgot her name...

So, congratulations!

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Zelda, Zachary, and Zara

"Do you think they are referring to Teresa, James?" Julie asks her husband. "I know that she sometimes goes to Plumcake to visit her mother! It must have been her. She had a Hello Kitty muffin, and a piece of apple cake, too!" "It must have been her then!" replies James. 
"Daddy, they don't tell Quackie hello. Why??" Jemima asks with an upset look on her face. "I'm sure they didn't mean to be rude, my dear," her father says. "Are you sure, they have already met Quackie?" Jemima tries to remember the last time she met her relatives and shakes her head in response.

"Let's answer them right away!" says Julie. James has an idea, too...

Julie goes inside and takes out her prettiest Cath Kidston stationery.  

Hmm... which design should she choose?

She decides to use the sheet that has birds and flowers on it.

Finally, she starts to write the date on the upper right of the page.
But what has James been up to? 

Papa Periwinkle has brought his easel into the garden and a very large canvas. 

 He couldn't reach the top of the canvas, so he went into the house to get a stool. Now he is ready to start. "What are you doing, Daddy?" Jemima wants to know. "I am making a present for Zelda, Zachary and Zara."

Jemima watches her Daddy intently, as he starts to sketch the outlines of something onto the big white canvas...

Dear reader! If you would like to know what Julie Periwinkle wrote in her letter and see how James Periwinkle's present turned out, please visit Kate Dante's blog about "Life in Plumcake"! 


  1. Lovely story!! What nice stationeries :)
    I will tell Zelda not to forget Quackie next time :)

  2. I'm becoming addicted to these lovely stories :)

  3. Dear Nina! It's a real pleasure to immerse into your wonderful world of the Periwinkle's, especially at the end of a very stressful and tiring week. Thank you for this!