Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Saturday 9 January 2016

When Quackie got lost (Part 2)

"Now monster eat me!" Jemima thought. "Love you Mommy. Love you Daddy. Mima so sorry." 

All of a sudden Jemima heard a familiar sound. It was Quackie whimpering! Her heart pounded even harder as she realized that the monster had her duck in his clutches, too. That's why Jemima hadn't been able to find Quackie anywhere in the sewers. The monster had carried her off. Knowing Quackie was in need of her protection gave Jemima such a boost of energy that she wasn't scared anymore at all.

"ROOOAAAAARRRRRRR!" she growled at the monster. 
Although it sounded more like a squeak, because Jemima was so little, it caught the monster's attention. 
He held her up to his insect-like face and stared at her. 

"You put Mima an Quackie down NOW!" she ordered. The monster was dumbfounded. He was used to his victims wriggling and screaming, but he wasn't used to them being so bad-tempered and bossy... Especially not when they were so small, cute and furry.

He dropped Jemima and Quackie on the floor as if he had been burnt. Maybe it was better to find lunch some place else...

Jemima gave Quackie a big kiss on top of her round yellow head. Quackie seemed relieved and happy.

The monster was just about to run away (this strange little rabbit girl was really starting to freak him out), when he heard the sound of a vehicle...

"Stay back Stinkweed!!" said a dark green figure on top of a bike. He was wearing a red mask over his eyes and brandishing a knife. The monster looked very irritated and almost fell over. 
Jemima was fascinated.  The person on the bike looked like Raphael from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Could it be? She had thought they only existed on TV.
"Whoa, ninja turdoes real!" she marveled.

Raph and two of his brothers ran toward the monster. Each turtle was carrying a different weapon. Raphael's knives were called Sai, Leonardo was carrying his sword-like Katana and Donatello was waving something made of three articulated sticks. The plant monster was screeching.

Jemima watched all this from a few steps away. Mikey had gently picked her and Quackie up and said, "Don't worry, you're safe now little rabbit girl!"

Finally, Raph, Leo and Donnie had the plant monster cornered. There was no way out for him. But since the turtles were nice people and not killers, they told Snakeweed (that's what Mikey told Jemima the monster was called) to get lost and never ever come back to this part of town.

So Snakeweed escaped through the hatch to hopefully never be seen again.

Donatello made sure to close it securely behind him.

Raph went over to Leonardo, the leader of the group and said, 
"We beat Snakeweed again! High three, dude!" 
"Well done, everyone!" said Leo.

 After Mikey introduced the turtles to Jemima, Leonardo said,
"The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, at your service!"
Jemima smiled and thanked them for their help.

She gave Mikey a kiss on the cheek. 

 "Awww, what did ya do that for?" said Mikey and blushed a little, while bashfully scratching himself on the head.

"Would ya like to take a ride with me on the Sewer Cruiser?" he asked her. 
"Whoa! I love to!" Jemima answered.

Mikey and Jemima sat in front and Quackie got a seat in the back of the cruiser. "Yippee!" Jemima called as Mikey stepped on the accelerator. "This fun!!" 
"Awww, you're so cute, Jemima!!" Mikey chuckled. 

And to his brothers he said, 
"Hey, guuuys, can we keep her??? Huh? Huh? Can we? Puh-leeeeeaaase??" 
Donnie, Leo and Raph shrugged.

"Jemima, do you wanna stay with us for a while??"
Jemima really wanted to. The turtles seemed very friendly and Mikey seemed liked an awesome big brother, but she had to get back to her parents. 
"Mommy an Daddy wai fo me upstair! Dey probally scared!" she admitted. "Oh, sure..." Mikey said, "you've got family looking for you..."

 "Well then let's bring you back to them!" he said.

On their way back up Mikey showed Jemima how much fun it was to live in the sewers.
"Look at me, Jemima! I'm a monkey hanging from a tree!" he said, swinging back and forth from a pipe with one hand. 
"Was that a confession, monkey-brain?" Raph teased. He and Mikey were always teasing each other and playing pranks.

"And THIS," Mikey continued explaining, as he stretched his right foot up underneath the grey sewer cap, "is my Secret Sewer Sissy Stopper! It helps to trip all kinds of mutant villains," he elaborated.

"Or to make good ole Raph here...

...land on his butt!!" Mikey finished. 
Jemima heard a loud thump and a growl as Raphael fell onto his shell. 
"I'll get you for this, Mikey!!!"...

Finally, Jemima and her parents were reunited. 

As a special thank you, James and Julie treated 
the four turtles to a meal at Antonio's. 
"Pizza - my favourite food!!!" Mikey cried and Jemima did a little dance.

And that was how Jemima, Julie and James Periwinkle ended up having pizza with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


  1. What an adventure! Rescued by four VITs (= Very Important Turtles) - Jemina is lucky the guys brought her back to her parents... otherwise nobody would ever have believed this story! I'm glad all is well now... but I feel a little sorry for poor Snakeweed. Anyone should bring him a veggie pizza... ;O)


    1. Hi Birgit! Thanks for your feedback!! :) I also feel a little bad for Snakeweed... He was just acting on instinct and trying to fill his grumbling tummy, after all... Though there are rumours circulating that he has been suffering from a loss of appetite (especially for rabbits) ever since his confrontation with Jemima... :D

    2. Haha Jemima is such a badass to have scared the monster off with her kisses!! So cute!

    3. Haha, you bet she is!! Thanks so much, Giang! :D

  2. Welcome back Nina ♥ ♥ It's lovely to read your stories and look at your lovely photos again!! Hugs ♥ Vicky ♥

    1. Aw Vicky, it's so nice of you to say that. Thank you! :)) ♥ ♥

  3. Haha! Jemima certainly has some spunk XD

    1. She's been watching a lot of Ninja Turtles episodes on TV... :D

  4. :D :D :D das war ganz eindeutig die unterhaltsamste Geschichte, die ich seit langem gelesen habe! Jemima ist so süß, was ein tapferes kleines Mädchen! Frage mich gerade, ob die Ninja Turtles wohl öfter auftauchen werden?

    1. Sylvanier hin, Sylvanier her, die Ninja Turtles liegen mir sehr am Herzen, weshalb ich mich über Deinen Kommentar ganz besonders freue!! :D ♥

      Zum einen hängen die Themen der Geschichten von der Inspiration des Augenblicks ab und zum anderen sind die Turtles fast immer ausgebucht; ich werde sie jedoch gleich mal fragen, ob sie sich eine weitere Zusammenarbeit grundsätzlich vorstellen könnten!! :))