Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Saturday 1 October 2016

Moving Out...

The Hogwarts' Poltergeist problem has gotten out of hand, so they have had to move out. At least for a while, until they get things sorted. (You might have noticed the different floorboards and wallpaper in my last post. They have temporarily rented a tiny cottage in the woods.)

I really do hope they find a solution. While the triplets have been rather unperturbed by leaving, Hester has been all the more upset. Autumn is the busiest time of year for her and she would really prefer to not have to spend her time packing things into boxes and moving around furniture.

Today, Hester and Hamish have come back to the house to pick up the last piece of funiture. It is Hester's beloved red armchair.

"Oh dear," says Hester as they pick up the antique chair, "I wish it wasn't so heavy."

Suddenly Hamish drops his side of the armchair and takes a few steps back. 
"What is it?" asks Hester.

"Have a look at this little rascal!" says Ham as he points to a large grey rat on the floor. 
"The poltergeist doesn't seem to worry HIM! And now we know what happened to our cheese. He's having dinner this one. A proper feast!"

As they continue to heave the chair out of the room, Ham can see Hester's demeanour change. "Hester, what are you brooding on now?" 
"Hamish... the rat... shall we really leave it here?"
"With the cheese you mean? Well, he might have a belly ache in the morning. Serves 'im right for stealing the entire loaf!"

"I'm not referring to the cheese, silly! I mean the you-know-what. Can we leave the rat alone in this house when there is a you-know-what mucking about?" 
Ham thinks about his wife's words and starts to grumble to himself as he sweeps the floor. 

"Are you thinking about taking on another "family pet", Hester Hogwart? When we've just gotten rid of barmy little Wiggle the frog??"
"Oh you!" groans Hester, "Don't pretend to be so cold! You like our pets more than you tend to admit and we didn't "get rid" of Wiggle, we sent him to Gertie and Magica as a gift, and because he was driven by wanderlust!"

"Same thing if you ask me... Alright, alright!" grunts Hamish, as they finish up cleaning and he carries the dust pan outside. 
Hester is happy because she has just found a lonely carving board she had forgotten in a dark corner of her lab, on which to place the rat and its dinner. 

"Come here little fellow. You'll be safe with us," says Hester reassuringly.
"I 'spose he will, Hester," teases her husband, "But who is going to protect our CHEESE?!"

"Now, let's see... What should we call you? How about Hector? Or Rupert? Or Percival? We'll think about it..."

The Hogwarts have closed the door behind them as the oven door slams open on its own accord. "BOOOM!!!" can be heard throughout the kitchen, lab and living room, but there is no one there to hear it...

Or is there???

I would like to end this post with two questions for you to chew on.

Question nr 1: Is the house really empty?

Question nr 2: What should they name the rat?? Any suggestions?


*This delightful rat and its cheese was made by georgiamarfels.



  1. Oh gosh. Poor Hester and her family. What a naughty poltergeist the have had to live with! Hopefully things will calm down with him soon. As for a name for the rat, I think it should start with an H. Something such as Hercules, Horace, Hector or Herbie. I hope that no one such as Jemima or someone like that is in the house alone with the polter geist!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment and great suggestions, Emily! :)

      Hester quite likes the idea that the name should start with an "H" and I can hear her pottering around in her lab repeating "Horace, Hector, Herbie... Horace, Hector, Herbie...".

  2. I hope the Hogwarts can relax and have a quiet break in their rented cottage until the poltergeist problem is sorted out. I have the feeling the house is not totally empty.Would it be possible that the reason for the poltergeist is still living in the house? Who knows... As for the name of the rat I like Emily´s suggestions. A name started with H suits really well.Herbie sounds cute if they mean to keep it as a pet. I also like Hector.

    1. Thank you for your friendly comment, María José! :)

      I will tell Hester about your suggestions! (I have to admit, I also like "Herbie" very much.)

    2. Hi Nina! It´s me ,María José is cutata! I didn´t realized I left the comment when I was logged in with a different google account and a different name.I´m glad you like Herbie too!

    3. Oh, it's you! :))

  3. I wonder if it really is a poltergeist or maybe some -one-thing is secretly living there. Whatever it is I hope it is sorted out soon for the poor family. Yes Herbie sounds good for a pet :)
    Hugs Maria

    1. I believe you might be very close to the truth, Maria...

      Thanks also for your feedback on the name. :)

  4. I'm not so sure the poltergeist left, so the house is probably not empty. If Hester is tired of the Hs she can call it Ratson. No matter what you name it, it's still a cute little creature.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Ratson, haha, thanks for the suggestion, Drora!

  5. Glaub' es oder nicht... aber schon auf dem ersten Bild habe ich den Rattenschwanz entdeckt und gedacht: Eine Ratte von Georgia Marfels - gut gemacht, Nina! Ehrlich, die erkenne ich in jeder Szenerie... ;O) - Zu schade, dass die Hogwarts-Familie nun ausgerechnet in dieser Zeit umziehen muss... einen schlechteren Zeitpunkt als so kurz vor Halloween kann es ja gar nicht geben. Meine Hexentürmer lassen ihre aufrichtige Anteilnahme ausrichten, die haben um diese Zeit auch immer besonders viel zu tun, weil ihr Hexereibedarfsstand ja nun mal DIE Adresse in der magischen Welt für Hexereibedarf ist! *grins* Und Wiggle möchte Hester ganz herzlich grüßen... über die rausgestreckte Zunge für Hamish muss ich aber wohl noch mal ein paar Worte mit ihm schwätzeln... Ich glaube übrigens auch, dass da noch eine andere Wesenheit als ein Poltergeist im Haus ist... vermutlich ein Kobold, denn die können sich ja unsichtbar machen... Vermutlich war der stinkig, weil im Backofen weder ein Kuchen noch ein Pilzauflauf zu finden war. Na, wir werden sehen. Was den Namen der Ratte angeht... der Vorschlag von Emily hat natürlich Charme, so eine H-Reihe in der Familie plus Anhang macht sich immer gut. Trotzdem, bekennender Comic-Fan der ich bin, wäre mein Vorschlag Ratbert (nach der Ratte aus den Dilbert-Cartoons von Scott Adams). Aber Dir und den Riversidern wird schon das Passende einfallen! ;O)

    Liebe Grüße (auch von Wiggle und dem Entchen)

    1. Danke für den Vorschlag und die Grüsse von Wiggle und Entchen!!

      Hester ist ziemlich geschafft, denn derzeit muss sie nicht nur Schränke einräumen, sondern auch noch ein Hexenseminar planen.

      Und Hamish sage ich lieber nicht, dass Wiggle ihm die Zunge rausgestreckt hat...