Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Tuesday 18 October 2016

Pickles And Fudge

As I've mentioned before, I didn't get to the train station in time to make photos of Fudge's arrival. Fortunately, James Periwinkle was there and took his camera along!

He took some photos of Fudge while he was waiting on a park bench next to the station for someone to pick him up. It can be quite a busy part of town, as Sylvanians come and go to the train station and the park.

A mother was taking her kitten to the park in a stroller.

Little Ralfie Hazelnut stood at the stairs to the station, observing a mouse that was nibbling on a piece of dark chocolate.

In a tree behind Fudge a squirrel was enjoying the sunshine. A young rabbit girl in a pink dress walked by.

The sky was very blue that day. It made Fudge happy, so he sat there smiling. Next to the bench was a fountain. There was a yellow duckling sitting on the edge, watching the Sylvanians.

Mother cat sat her baby next to it. At first, the duckling felt a little anxious. Baby was very large and intimidating from the duck's point of view...

Meanwhile, the pink rabbit girl had taken a seat on the step next to the mouse and watched it finish its food. Mr Schaefer was also at the station. I believe he was waiting for a relative to arrive.

Then, Ralfie sat down next to Fudge. "What's your doggie's name?" he asked. "This is Pickles," Fudge responded, "He's my dragon." "Can I pet him?" Ralfie asked. Fudge nodded.

Pickles the dragon had come along with Fudge secretly. He hadn't even had a ticket for the train. Fortunately, no one except Fudge took notice of him during the trip, or they might have sent him back. They got along so well during the train ride, that Fudge had decided to keep him.

Finally, the Hogwarts arrived. What a special moment!


And there came Julie and Jemima Periwinkle.

Fudge couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. Was that a teeny tiny rabbit girl with a duck on her head? She was so cute, he had to rub his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

I bet Birgit told him over and over again to be polite when meeting his new friends, which is why he laid down his packet of toffees and got up from the bench to shake Jemima's tiny paw.

Oh, never mind! Forget the formalities! Why not a warm and friendly bear hug?? 
Pickles the dragon and Jemima's duck Quackie greeted each other, too.

Did you notice what went on in the background? Ralfie that little rascal snatched Fudge's packet of toffees and helped himself to a piece...

"Mommy!" said Jemima, "Da bear so fuzzy and smell of chocolate!"

Meanwhile, Pickles had loaded Quackie onto his back and was carrying her back and forth along the grass.

"A pleasure to meet you, Fudge! We've heard so much about you!" Hester said warmly and Hamish snorted in approval.

Then she took something from her basket. She had made a garland for Fudge as a welcome gift. But of course Hester wouldn't be Hester if she hadn't made her own version of a flower garland. Actually, there aren't any flowers on it at all. Instead, she has strung together a bunch of ceps.

Pickles watched enviously as Hester hung the mushroom garland around Fudge's neck. Even from down there Pickles could notice its smell of earth and wood.

"Oh dear," said Hester apologetically, "I didn't know you would be accompanied by your pet dragon, or I would have made a necklace for him too!"

"I do have one loose mushroom inside my basket though!" said Hester as she offered it to Pickles. Pickles smiled happily but was too shy to say anything.

They spent a lot of time in the park talking and introducing Fudge to all the passersby.

When it started to grow dark, they accompanied Fudge to his new home. Julie and Jemima walked ahead.

Then came Fudge, Pickles and the Hogwarts. 

Pickles carried his welcome gift proudly between his wings. And no, Fudge hadn't suddenly grown a fringe, he just thought the mushroom garland would make a lovely headpiece.

Have a nice day! :)



  1. It's wonderful to arrive at a new place and be welcomed by so many kind and friendly neighbors. What's more, even the weather is sunny and bright. A good beginning for Fudge and his adorable friend.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Fudge says you are right, Drora, everyone was very welcoming and generous. The only thing he doesn't understand is how several pieces of toffee went missing from the packet while he was greeting the Periwinkles and the Hogwarts...

  2. Lol I love your story. Fudge has made lots of friends already I am sure he is very happy about that :)I bet Ralfie enjoyed his toffee :D Fantastic cute pictures.
    Hugs Maria

    1. James Periwinkle really enjoyed taking these pictures and says thank you for your compliment! :)

  3. Aww, very cute story. So nice of Fudge to let Ralfie pat his dragon, he will enjoy living in your village! Just a question, did that Freya Chocolate figure come out of a halloween dress up set because I remember that Freya has those stars by her eye?

    1. Thanks, Emily.

      Yes, it is Freya from the Halloween set! :)

  4. It´s lovely to see how Fudge received such a warm welcome!There´s no doubt he´s going to be very happy in his new village.I hope he likes his new house too. Tell us about it when he settles down there.

    1. Oh, I will definitely show you Fudge inside his new home and the end result of Hester and Julie's decorating! :D

  5. Was für ein Empfang... fehlte nur noch der Eintrag ins Goldene Buch von Riverside! *lach* Wir freuen uns so für Fudge und Pickles - die Beiden haben es bei Euch richtig gut getroffen... Fluby freut sich übrigens, das auch noch andere heimlich ihre Pfoten in Süßigkeitenschachteln stecken, in denen sie nichts zu suchen haben - Zeit für ein weiteres 4-Augen-Gespräch zum Thema Nicht-mehr-viel-Zeit-um-Pluspunkte-im-Goldenen-Buch-des-Weihnachtsmannes-zu-sammeln... *seufz* Immerhin erfreulich, dass Fudge wenigstens weiß, wie er sich zu benehmen hat - wobei ich ihm zustimme, eine bärige Umarmung geht immer. Ich hoffe übrigens, Quackie hat es gut auf Pickles' Rücken gefallen - bei uns auf dem BiWuBären-Weihnachtsmarkt steht ja auch immer Drachenreiten auf dem Programm, also, zumindest theoretisch... praktisch schubst Sunny da immer alle anderen beiseite und lässt den anderen keine Chance... hatte ich eigentlich schon mal erwähnt, dass ich mich freue, dass sich wenigstens Fudge benehmen kann??? ;O)

    Liebe Grüße - und ganz besonders an Fudge und Pickles... und an James - weil er die Kamera dabei hatte!

    1. Oh oh, Fluby! Viel Zeit ist ja nicht mehr für's Punkte sammeln!

      Ja, Fudge hat sich beim Empfang wirklich vorbildlich benommen, auch wenn er anschliessend noch lange über den (oder die?) fehlenden Toffifee nachgegrübelt hat.

      Pickles und er freuen sich immer sehr über Deine Worte und auch James bedankt sich heute ganz herzlich für den Gruss.

  6. Nice story and scenes. Fudge is very lucky!

  7. A wonderful story- so nice. I love the photo where Jemima gets a warm hug- theres so much going on all at once. I find it amusing that Fudge's pet dragon is called Pickles as I used to have a little gecko living my cooker several years ago in Cyprus and I named him Mr Pickles because he used to sneak out and nibble on the oddest of foods.

    1. Hello Sarah, thank you for commenting on that particular photo and for telling me about your gecko!!

      The photo is Fudge's and Jemima's favourite as well, since they are now best friends.