Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Sunday 27 May 2018

Very Late Christmas Unboxing (Part 2)

I am finally back with photos of the unboxed presents. I have to sacrifice my own time again, as Nina is feeling the urge to lie in the sun and read mystery books... (At least this means she won't admonish me for opening my third box of caramels today... Phew!) 
Hope you enjoy the images of all these wonderful gifts. 

Here are the DELIGHTFUL handmade minis and a flower greeting card we received from Drora:

Here is Sarah's GORGEOUS handmade Sylvanian cat christmas card:

And some christmas minis that she included for the citizens of Riverside!

Can you believe what TREASURES Birgit, my other Mommy sent us? Three handmade cards!

And this one actually features sweet little me sitting on a large white flower!

But that's not all. She also sent a calendar featuring my good friends Fluby and Rosey.

And because she is a bit telepathic, she sent Nina some fairy lights that she wanted

and some ornaments for the Hogwarts and me.

Last but not least, let's have a look at the AMAZING gifts Cutata sent us. 

It looks like it's market day at Riverside! So many gifts for everyone!

Can you believe it? Cutata gave us our very first BRIDGE for Riverside! Nina was moved to tears...

And little Jemima Periwinkle received a swing!

Thank you Drora, Sarah, Birgit and Cutata! 

We love and cherish every single item you sent us!  

😍 😍 😍 😍



  1. Wie schön, dass Du die Sache wieder in die eigenen Pfoten genommen hast, lieber Fudge… so kann sich Nina doch ein bisschen erholen und Kraft tanken, dass kann sie dieses Jahr ohne Zweifel besonders gut gebrauchen. Wunderschöne Geschenke sind in Riverside angekommen, wir sind hier total begeistert - und freuen uns natĂŒrlich, dass wir offensichtlich auch ein bisschen Freude verschicken konnten. Nur eines ist schade - dass die Schaukel nicht BiWuBĂ€rchen-konform ist... fĂŒr Jemima aber natĂŒrlich praktisch... keine pelzige Konkurrenz... ;O)

    Liebe GrĂŒĂŸe
    Birgit - und von Fluby und Rosey natĂŒrlich auch

    1. Hallo Birgit, das ist doch klar, dass ich der Nina helfe, so gut ich kann! Liebe GrĂŒsse an alle und mal ganz besonders an Rosey, die uns diesen Monat halb hinter der Margerite versteckt so lieb anlĂ€chelt. -Fudge

  2. Thank you dear Fudge for sharing these lovely photos of the Christmas presents. I hope they will be enjoyed all year through, especially the lovely bridge which will save crossing time.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Dear Drora, the bridge is very lovely indeed and has already saved several animals (and Sylvanians) from drowning. -Fudge

  3. Dear Fudge,
    It´s very kind of you taking some of your time to share these lovely pictures.I´m glad to hear your Mommy has time to relax. Hope she is feeling much better now.
    I feel very proud of giving Riverside its first bridge.
    It seems Jemima, Ralph and Quackie are enjoying the swing.
    I wonder if the swing suits your size. If it does, I hope Jemima lets you swing on it too.
    Say hello to Nina. Send her all my love and best wishes!

    1. Dear Cutata, unfortunately the swing is a bit small for me and Mommy won't allow me on it... But I am happy to watch Jemima and her friends having so much fun! And Pickles can go on it, too!

  4. Oh, Christmas presents. I had to read the title twice. Hah, hah. I love all kinds of presents and it was very funny to notice that the practical presents are the most ingenious in my opinion:I mean the bridge and the swing.

    Nina, don´t lie too long in the sun!

    Kind regards from me and my dolls.
    - Sirkka

    1. Hello Sirkka, I am so happy to read your message. :) I agree with you, the swing and the bridge are ingenious presents and the Riversiders are happy to use them every day!

      Thank you for your concern! I am careful about the time I stay in the sun and always use a lot of sun lotion. :)

      Grettings to Emily's and Sirii's families! -Nina

  5. Oh such wonderful gifts!