Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Monday 30 July 2018

Jemima climbs the Calla

Today is another warm and sunny day. Jemima's birthday bouquet has wilted long ago, but Drora's purple pansies are blooming as lovely as ever. A grey neighbour's cat is jumping around on James' flower boxes again, trying to catch the butterflies.

Jemima has invited two of her girlfriends. The little lamb is called May Schaefer. Jemima asks her to make up the first game. 

May says the Periwinkles' green grass is a wild ocean filled with hungry sharks and the spaghetti tree is their ship. Squealing, they follow May up the trunk of the tree.

This is Freya Sylverson, a little koala. Jemima asks her to make up the second game. Freya decides to play hide-and-seek and they even include Jemima's stuffed animals in the game. Sally, Jemima's little pink rabbit, "hides" with the daisies in Cutata's walnut basket.

When it is Jemima's turn, she invites her friends to visit the Calla at the far end of the garden. It's a beautiful plant with leaves much larger than the children and enormous pink flowers shaped like trumpets.

They climb up and up and finally May lays down to rest on a large leaf. 

"Where is Quackie?" Freya suddenly asks Jemima. "Uh oh, I forgot her in the house on the sofa..." Jemima says. 

For those of you who do not know Quackie - she is Jemima's favourite toy, a yellow rubber duck, and she is very cheeky and jealous. I believe Jemima is in great trouble for forgetting Quackie on the sofa, and she knows it...

After a while, they hear a wheezing sound. It's the sound of Quackie's breath as she is dragging herself up a leaf of the Calla.

"Uh oh... look at her face... Quackie's gonna be real mad..." Jemima whispers into Freya's ear, as Quackie moves closer and closer towards them, panting like a sickly old grandmother and looking very grim. 

"Tell me goodbye, Freya. It was nice being your friend. Goodbye to you too, May!" whispers Jemima. May gets up from her leaf and glances at Jemima with a look of concern.

Very suddenly Quackie jumps on top of Jemima. Jemima falls onto her back and feels a wet kiss on her face! 

"Fi-nal-ly! I found you!" Quackie pants sounding extremely relieved and not at all cross. 

The three girls are glad that Quackie didn't lose her temper and they continue playing in the trees until the sun goes down.



  1. What a wonderful way to combine real, beautiful plants, with the tiny children. They are having a great time together. Thanks for displaying the pansies. The table and chairs are very lovely.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. You are very welcome, Drora!

      The children had a great time together and it was fun to watch them play. ;)

  2. Beautiful story and funny pictures.

  3. Was für ein Abenteuer... und dann mit Happy End! Für einen Moment war ich in Sorge um Jemima… mit einer wütenden Ente ist nicht zu spaßen (ich bin großer Donald Duck-Fan und weiß, wovon ich spreche *lach*) Wie schön, dass die Kinder in Riverside so viel Fantasie beim Spielen haben... und eines steht fest: Noch mal wird Quackie nicht auf dem Sofa vergessen. ;O)

    Liebe Grüße
    Birgit (die seit dem Ansehen des letzten Bildes von Quackie auf der Kalanchoe irgendwie die Melodie von "Alle meine Entchen schwimmen auf dem See" im Kopf hat...)

    1. Ich habe Jemima neulich daran erinnert, dass ein Häschen, dass schon in den New Yorker sewers gegen Pflanzenmonster gekämpft hat, sich vor einer kleinen cholerischen Ente nicht zu fürchten braucht. Anschliessend bekam ich mit, wie Jemima ein ernstes Gespräch mit Quackie geführt hat. Sie möchte nämlich NICHT, dass Quackie mal zu einem zweiten Donald heranwächst.

      Das Gespräch scheint gewirkt zu haben. Oder aber Quackie versucht (wie ein gewisses Flatterbärchen) schonmal Punkte beim Weihnachtsmann zu sammeln. Es könnte jedoch auch sein, dass sie momentan zu sehr unter der extremen Hitze leidet, um sich aufzuregen...

  4. Dear Nina,
    What an adorable story and beautiful pictures. I love the photo of the Calla with the pink flowers. It´s wonderful!
    It´s been lovely to meet some of Jemima´s friends. The three of them look so cute together!
    Nice to see Quackie joining the little girls to play with them.
    Have a nice day! A big hug!

    1. I am glad you like the photo, Cutata!
      Jemima likes her girlfriends very much and they always have a great time together, whatever they do.

      Quackie can't stand to be left out, so she climbed up the "tree" all by herself. :)

  5. I love your cute pictures. I am jealous it looks like a lot of fun climbing up that beautiful Calla :))) I am glad Quackie wasn't cross.
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thanks so much for your comment, Maria! :)

      I know what you mean, I am often jealous of the beautiful houses and gardens my Sylvanians get to spend their time in... Wouldn't it be awesome to be able to shrink to their size for a short while and spend some time in their homes/gardens?? :))