Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Sunday 20 January 2019

A Parcel From Sirkka!!!

The next Santa was from Finland and he brought sooo many beautifully wrapped presents from Sirkka, her mice and her doll family.

"This one is for you," said Fudge, "go ahead and open it, Nina!" he pleaded. 
(He probably thought it was a bar of chocolate.)

It was not. It was a Tonttuovi, a gorgeous finnish elf door. It allows the elves to peak in on the children of Riverside before christmas to see who is naughty and nice.

Thank you, Sirkka, for this wonderful gift! We will use it next year and maybe then the children of Riverside will be even nicer than in 2018! And maybe Fudge's paw will get stuck in the Periwinkles' cookie jar a little less often...

Our favourite little rabbit girl Jemima received a present from Iivari the mouse.

 It was this cute little wagon with colourful building blocks.

From Emily... 

...she got this gorgeous rag doll wearing a pink hand crocheted dress.

How precious!💓

From Siiri she received this wonderful, also hand crocheted bedspread.

She loved it, and so did Quackie.

Sweet little Eetu regaled Jemima with this adorable dolly inside her own bed.

"Hello, little baby", Jemima said, "I'm your new momma. Sleep well now."

Now it was Fudge's turn to open up a present. It was from Eetu and Emilia. Pickles and Quackie couldn't wait for him to open it. They thought it must be something edible and yummy if was for Fudge.

Fudge unwrapped his gift and didn't know what to say. The children sent him... six heads of lettuce?! 

Quackie didn't even pretend to hide her disappointment. Pouting, she crawled into Jemima's hat. Pickles the dragon stared at the cabbages and felt a bad cough tickling in the back of his throat.

Compared to Pickles and Quackie though, Fudge had not forgotten his manners. He showed everybody the beautiful tray and picked up one of the vegetables with his paw. As he took a closer look at it, he realized that it wasn't a vegetable at all, but a delicious muffin smelling of pear. 

He would keep this knowledge to himself for a little while longer...

Next, there were two gifts for Julie from the wonderful Marianne. The first was a beautiful machine embroidered table cloth. Julie thought of keeping it in the living room...

...or maybe on a table in the kitchen.

The second was this bright red Poinsettia. The rabbits loved it.

Then Julie unwrapped this amazing hand embroidered picture inside a wooden frame and two matching cushions, all of them made by Siiri!

Finally, it was James' turn. He would never forget this christmas, as he had never received so many gifts at once. 

What was this wonderful thing he got from Iivari?

It was his very own work belt made out of real leather!

And it even came with this very sharp and useful knife and sheath!

Julie admired James from the side and thought he looked very handsome and manly with his new gift and James was already imagining the most spactacular adventures he would have wearing his new belt and knife. He could travel all the way to the other side of the world and fight evil child eating monsters with this knife... 

...or he could just use it for gardening.

From Tuomo he got this fancy bag made of faux crocodile leather.

Look at James' face. He was happier than Fudge inside a toffee shop. His new belt and knife made him feel adventurous and brave and his briefcase made him feel smart and elegant. What a great way to start new year!




💙 🐥 💙


  1. Beautiful gifts and scenes.

  2. Wonderful, gifts from Sirkka! I love the embroidered cushions and framed piece. How great that everyone is happy at the Periwinkles.
    Hugs, Drora

    1. Dear Drora, the Periwinkles love the picture and matching cushions too. Their home will be even more cosy from now on.

  3. Man merkt schon, dass der Weihnachtsmann nicht weit entfernt von Finnland wohnt angesichts dieser Flut von fantastischen Geschenken! Da haben sich Eure finnischen Freunde aber wirklich Gedanken gemacht, wie sie Euch alle glücklich machen können, jedes Geschenk ein Oberhammer und mit so viel Bedacht ausgewählt! Toll - und es hat Spaß gemacht, bei dieser Bescherung dabei sein zu dürfen. Natürlich haben wir herzlich gelacht über Duckie und Pickles - Fudge, mein Kleiner, Du bist schon ein cleveres Kerlchen! *zwinker* Und ganz besonders hat uns der Werkzeuggürtel gefallen - der steht James ganz ausgezeichnet. Jimmy the Kid! *lach*

    Liebe Grüße

    1. Ja, diese Geschenke sind tatsächlich mit viel Bedacht gebastelt worden. Die Periwinkles freuen sich sehr.

      Und noch mehr hat sich der liebe Fudge gefreut, das Quackie und Pickles an den "Salatköpfen" so garnicht interessiert waren! :OD

  4. So many wonderful and impeccably-made little gifts from Sirkka! You and the Periwinkles (and friends!) are very lucky.
    I love the door! Such a cute story behind it, too! :)

    1. Thank you for your comment, Ayrell! The Periwinkles are super happy about their gifts and I will make sure to place the door somewhere in Riverside next december!

  5. Wow wonderful gifts. They all look very happy with their gifts. Have fun :)))
    Hugs Maria

    1. Thank you very much, Maria. The Riversiders say hi!

  6. Hello!

    It was so nice to read your post. You really have talent in writing stories and photographing good pictures.

    We thouht that we'll send handmade gifts, because we love crafting. We laughed and had fun in making the miniatures and wrapping them. Those tiny parcels were very cute because of the small size.

    Thank you Nina for this post! I hope this year began well.

    It is very cold here. The temperature is -23 degrees just now. We have a lof of snow and it is possibile to ski on the ice of the river or in the fields.

    Greetings from my mice and dolls to you and all the Riversiders.


    1. Dear Sirkka, thank you for your kind words. The many gifts you sent us made us laugh (and almost cry) too, because they are so wonderful.

      I was very impressed that, despite the tiny size of the presents, you wrapped each and every single one of them so carefully.

      The Periwinkles asked me to tell you to take care of yourself and to keep warm.

      Everyone is sending their love and regards to Marianne, Tuomo, Emily, Eetu, Sirii, Iivari and baby. -Nina

  7. Hi Nina!
    The Periwinkles are so lucky and Sirkka is so generous and good at making crafts!
    I´m in awe of the lovely gifts she made. They are all absolutely wonderful, so small and detailed!

    I´m in love with the embroidered picture and matching cushions. They are really charming!

    The Periwinkles must be over the moon with so many nice Christmas presents and Jemima must be delighted with all the dolls she has received this year. The one in bed is super cute. Fudge made me laugh when he opened his present and thought they were cabbages! How funny!

    Have a nice week!