Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Sunday 14 March 2021

Let's Take The Car (Part 2)


On the same day another well-known family went for a drive. 

There was a friendly zombie snowman on the side of the road that hadn't stood there before. Even though christmas had long passed, he was wearing a santa hat and holding a christmas wreath in his right tentacle.

"Hello! Do you need a ride?" Fudge asked the snowman. The snowman smiled and declined. 

Maybe he was waiting for the sun to get a bit warmer and melt him, so he could get some rest until next winter?

The squirrel from earlier was there too, but this time he did not seem to be in a rush. 

He chattered something into the ear of a chubby little bear cub. 

"Don't you just love Riverside's wildlife, Pickels?" Fudge said to his dragon friend inside the car. "There are always interesting animals to admire, as soon as we leave the house."

Pickles nodded. He didn't care much for wildlife, though. Longingly, he sniffed at the packet of toffees that was tucked behind him on the seat. He knew that Fudge would probably want him to wait with snack time until they had finished their errand. Why? Because Fudge had started the new year with something really stupid... so-called "good" resolutions! 

Ew. Pickles did not like them at all, because they had to do with awful things like eating three packets of caramel a day instead of four, brushing his teeth before bed and washing behind his ears. And Fudge expected Pickles to do the same.

Today, Fudge was planning a surprise for me! He was driving to my house to gift me with some chocolates from Lindt. Wasn't that a sweet idea? Especially, since it wasn't Valentine's Day, Easter, or my birthday. Fudge was simply being attentive. 

Fudge passed by the chubby bear cub and Mr. Squirrel.

The squirrel hopped from the bear's shoulder onto the back of Fudge's car. So that was why he wasn't in a hurry anymore. Apparently he had thought up a way of saving time by hitchhiking.

A little while later Fudge arrived at my house to give me the Lindt chocolates. They were delicious and I thanked him and it was all very touching, because I had never before been gifted chocolates on a random day by a tiny little BiWuBear before.

On their way back, Pickles was lounging on the back seat of the car inside his woolen sleeping bag, burping happily. There were cookies and chocolates and fudge and sweets scattered across the floor in front of him.

Suddenly Fudge saw another snowman. He drove more slowly.

This one was definitely hoping to get a free ride. Fudge could feel it. 


He didn't look like a friendly tentacled zombie snowman, though. Just friendly.

Fudge got out of the car and walked up to the snowman, smiling. The snowman smiled back.

"Hello, how are you? Do you need a ride?" asked Fudge.

"Um..." the snowman stuttered awkwardly. "Actually, I was looking for somebody... anybody... interested in chocolate. My best before date is about to expire. You see, I am a leftover from christmas and nobody wanted me."

Fudge was struck by the snowman's candour. He was now in a rather serious dilemma, though. Several dilemmas. 

On the one hand, he liked chocolate very much. It was his favourite food after fudge and caramel. On the other hand, he had made a new-years resolution which he wanted to stick to.

Also, he had never eaten anyone whom he had had a conversation with!

Finally, Fudge patted the snowman on the shoulder and said, "Would you like to come home with Pickles and I? We could forget about your best-before-thingy and spend some quality time on the sofa during the next few days, reading books and having lots of hot milk and fudge."

The snowman seemed to ponder this for a while and then he exhaled and laughed out loud simultaneously and said, "Okay, let's do it!! I knew this was going to be my lucky day. But I had never imagined anything like this... Are we friends now, Mr. Bear?"

"Sure, we're friends!" Fudge replied happily. 
"And my name is Fudge, by the way." 

The snowman's name was Choccy. 

Fudge could sense how excited Choccy was as he followed him to the car. 

"Let's go home Choccy! Pickles and I will show you our house. It's called Caramel Cottage and I'm sure you'll enjoy staying with us. My warm milk with fudge is the best in all of Riverside, did you know..."

And off they went. 

Sometimes I am a bit concerned at Fudges' habit to collect people off the road or from the forest and keep them as lodgers or friends at Caramel Cottage, but, fortunately, he seems to have a knack for meeting strangers that turn out to be really good people, as we were already able to find out in a post called "And the winner is... Fudge??".


  1. Huh... der Post hat bei mir aber einen heftigen Ausbruch von Augenschweiß ausgelöst!!! Mein kleiner Fudge... ein echter Gentlebär von Kopf bis Fuß! So was Nettes würde Fluby nie einfallen, wenn ich ganz viel Glück hätte, hätte er mir vielleicht ganz großzügig die leere Lindt-Dose überlassen. Ich kriege ja auch immer nur die Karten aus den Überraschungspäckchen, es ist echt nicht einfach mit BiWuBärchen im Haus, manchmal frage ich mich wirklich, was ich falsch gemacht habe... eh... wo war ich... ach ja... Und dann noch die beeindruckende Eloquenz, mit der Fudge seine drei Schneemann-Dilemmas gelöst hat... Hach, ich bin so stolz auf ihn. Allerdings fürchte ich, dass Du, liebe Nina, demnächst Caramel Cottage ausbauen und aufstocken musst, denn wer weiß, wen Fudge noch so alles im Wald finden wird. Ich frage mich ohnehin, was es mit dem Bärenjungen auf sich hat und wohin das clevere Eichhörnchen eigentlich wollte - aber das erfahren wir ja wohl hoffentlich in Teil 3. ;O)

    Liebe Grüße
    Birgit (die ganz froh ist, heute mal alleine hier sein zu können, denn sonst würde ein gewisses Flatterbärchen ja wieder krähen, dass es ja wohl hochgradig ungerecht wäre, dass sein ausgewanderter Bruder so ein tolles Auto fährt und er selber nur ein klappriges Fahhrad hat *grins*)

    1. Liebe Birgit,

      es freut mich sehr, dass dich diese Geschichte so stolz auf den kleinen Fudge gemacht hat. Allerdings frage ich mich, wie lange das mit den guten Vorsätzen noch anhalten wird. Mir scheint manchmal am Ende des Tages, dass er seine Toffifee-Packungen nicht ganz korrekt gezählt hat und ein paar Mal hieß es schon, es hätte Abends ein Problem mit der Wasserleitung in Caramel Cottage gegeben, aber gut...

      Übrigens kann Fluby den Post ruhig zu Gesicht bekommen. Das Auto ist nämlich bloß von den Babblebrook Hasen ausgeliehen.

      Liebe Grüsse!

  2. Hi Nina!

    After reading the previous story I was delighted to see there was another one! I always enjoy reading about the Riversiders.

    Aww, Fudge is so sweet! Such a nice thought of him to bring you chocolates. He has matured quite a bit, I hope he manages to stay dedicated to his resolutions, even if Pickles doesn't appreciate them, hehe.

    I felt so sorry for poor Choccy! I'm sure he'll be a great room-mate for Fudge and Pickles. They'll have a lot of fun. I'm a bit worried about him melting, though!

    Loved this adorable, whimsical tale. Thank you Nina!

    Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for your super awesome comment, Ayrell!

      If you enjoy reading about the Riversiders, you might be happy to know that there is another story coming soon, and I will be uploading new content once a week.

      Fudge says hello and asks whether you would like a piece of Toffifee. (Toffifee is his favourite nougat-caramel candy.)

      Thanks again for dropping by! :)

  3. Hi Nina!

    Today is my lucky day too! Two new stories on your blog!
    What a great way to start the weekend!

    I love part 1 but part 2 is my favourite.
    It was good fun to read!

    You have a fantastic sense of humour!
    I had to laugh at the chocolate snowman saying "my best before date is about to expire" and Fudge thinking the zoobie snowman was waiting for the sun to get warmer so that he could melt and have a rest. The squirrel saving time by hitchking was hilarious too:D Thanks for making me laugh!

    It was funny to read about what Pickle tought about his good friends´s new year´s resolutions. I wonder if Fudge will be able to stick to them for a long time.

    Fudge is simply adorable. He´s such a kind and attentive bear.
    I´m sure you got a lovely surprise when you opened the door and saw him at your doorstep with a box of chocolates. He is such a sweetheart!

    I´m glad Choccy accepted the ride to Fudge and Pickle´s cottage. The poor thing seemed to be a bit concerned about being a leftover from Christmas and nobody wanted him.
    I´m sure the three of them will enjoy having a chat and drinking warm milk with fudge (well, not too warm for Choccy!).

    I love Riverside´s wildlife. Those badgers in the last picture are really cute!

    Have a relaxing weekend, my friend!

    1. Thank you for your wonderful comment, Cutata! :)

      I have had these photos for a long time, but the exact storyline wasn't clear to me yet. I am very happy with the result now.

      With the particular storyline of part 1 it suddenly made sense to me that the squirrel jumping onto the back of the car in part 2 was hitchhiking, even though I might not have thought of it that way at the time I took the picture. :)

      I am happy that you enjoy Riverside's wildlife as much as I do. Thank you for mentioning the badgers. :)

      Have a pleasant and relaxing weekend and take care!

  4. Hi Nina.

    Another happy and slightly wacky tale. You're spoiling us! (Not a Ferrero Rocher reference.) I do hope Pickles' car feast has satisfied his hunger and doesn't want to fulfil a Choccy sell-by-date!

    Have a great week!

    1. Hahaha! No, Pickles did not eat Choccy, but I fear someone else - whose name starts with N and ends with A - did! ;O)