Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Sunday 21 March 2021

The Oyster Rabbits

Let us welcome a new family to Riverside. 

They are called the Mariners. 

The Mariners are Oyster Rabbits. 

Oyster Rabbits love to live on or near the sea. They are also excellent swimmers and divers and they love to eat seafood.

The Mariner children are called Matse and Madita.

Matse and Madita were born on the ocean. They lived on a boat with their parents and travelled northern oceans. They are very excited to find out what it is like to live on land.

The parents are called Mikkel and Miri. They have built this beautiful lighthouse near the river for their family. 

The river of Riverside does not need a lighthouse, but I guess the Mariners, being Oyster Rabbits, do.

Mikkel was born into a long line of sailors. He is used to having calluses on the inside of his paws from steering a boat and to the tang of salt and algae travelling with the breeze and clinging to rabbits' clothing and furs.

His favourite dreams are of foaming waves and his favourite colour is blue.

Miri used to live on an island in the southern oceans. She was a champion swimmer and diver in her youth and won the Golden Wave (the island's highest award for water sports) three years in a row. 

Her favourite words are Matse and Madita.

Today the Mariners are checking on their new lighthouse. They need to get some furniture before they can move in.

Suddenly a little beige rabbit is walking along the pier towards Miri. It's Jemima. She is pushing her toy pram in front of her with Quackie inside.

The Mariners have already met the Periwinkles. 
"Hello, Jemima!" Miri says. "Are you coming for a visit?"

"Oh nooo," replies the little rabbit girl. "I come for staying. Mommy want bath me every day this week, so I run away. I stay with you now."

"Oh dear," smiles Miri. "Don't you like to bath? It makes you smell good and your fur shine."
"Nuh-uh. I don't like wodah."

"What about Quackie? I'm sure she likes water!" Miri says optimistically.
"Quackie only likes the river and the pond. No bathtubs," Jemima says firmly.

"All right," Miri proposes, "then why don't you let Quackie take a swim right here in the river? I'm sure she'll be grateful for the exercise." 

Quackie seems very happy indeed, as she swims in the water next to the pier in little circles. She looks at Jemima as if to say, "come and join me!" 
"I think she wants you to swim with her," says Miri. "But the water is still very cold. You should wait until the summer." 

Then Miri explains to Jemima all the wonderful things you can do in the water. Synchronized swimming and water ballet. Water skiing. Snorkelling and diving. Beach ball and water aerobics. Or simply lying on your back and letting the water carry you. You can swim in competition or search for a long lost underwater treasure...

After a while, Jemima takes Quackie out of the water and pops her back into the pram. She gets up and tells Miri that she will give the bathtub another try, maybe there is pirate treasure stuck somewhere at the bottom of it.

"My dears," Miri says to Matse and Madita, "could you please accompany Jemima back home?" 
"Sure Mom!" The siblings reply.

All of a sudden Ralfie Hazelnut appears on the wooden pier, a little out of breath. "Your momma told me to find you. She thought you might be at the lighthouse. Are you goin' away, Jemima?" Ralfie frets.

"No Ralfie," Jemima answers. "Just home now, to da bathtub. Wanna come too? I think you should, you look real dirty." 

"Aww, I don't like bathing so much...", Ralfie says evasively.
"You can play with my little pony after...," Jemima adds astutely. She knows he loves to play with her ponies, because he always asks about them when he is at her house, admiring her collection and combing the ponies' hair.

"Okay", replies Ralfie while sucking on his lollipop and off the four children go to Jemima's house.

The Mariners say HELLO

and wish you a MARVELLOUS week.

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  1. The Mariners are so adorable.

  2. Hi Nina!

    I love the Mariners! They are adorable, and the lighthouse is the perfect home for them. It was so cute how Miri managed to convince little Jemima to give the bathtub another try by telling her of all the wonderful things one can do in the water.

    I'm looking forward to reading more about this family and seeing their fully furnished home soon! I'm so happy you're back and planning to post once a week! :)

    Have a wonderful day!

    PS: Tell Fudge I said hi back and that the Toffifee he loves sounds delicious! No wonder he loves it!

    1. Hello Ayrell, thank you for your kind words! :) It is so much fun to be back!

      Fudge is delighted by your greeting. He says you are right, Toffifees are delicious and he should know, as he has a very refined taste. ;)

      Have a great week!

  3. What a wonderful addition to the community! The Mariners look like a very pleasant and friendly family and their lighthouse home is lovely.

    Hugs, Drora

    1. The Mariners say hello and thank you for your friendly comment. They put a lot of effort into building their lighthouse and can't wait to move in soon.

  4. Hi Nina!
    What a lovely family! I love their names and bios.
    The lighthouse is the perfect home for them. The setting, with the blue sky and fluffy clouds and the river, look great.

    I´d love to see the interior of the Mariners´ home when it´s fully furnished. Hope the furniture doesn´t take long to arrive so that they can move in soon.

    Jemima is so cute! How funny! She ran away from home trying to escape from the bathtub.

    Hope Jemima and Ralfie enjoyed their bath!

    Have a wonderful week!

    1. Thank you so much for your feedback, Cutata!

      Ralfie and Jemima enjoyed their bath (and combing Jemima's ponies).

      I am glad you liked my setting! Personally, I am crazy about the fluffy clouds. They tend to hover over the Mariners' lighthouse every day. Matse and Madita like them too. :)

  5. Ein herzliches "Moin, Moin!", liebe Mariners! Bekanntermaßen ist hier bei uns anne Waterkant mit einem einzelnen "Moin!" ja schon so gut wie alles gesagt - "Moin, Moin!" ist fĂŒr uns bereits echter Klönschnack. *grins* Mir gefallen ĂŒbrigens Miris Lieblingsworte sehr gut *schmunzel* - und natĂŒrlich die erstklassige Überzeugungsarbeit, die sie bei Jemima geleistet hat... und indirekt bei Ralfie. Da werden die beiden lĂŒtten Butschers ja mal fix schier und schoon. Dor schall sik Julie aver freuen! Und wir hier freuen uns schon darauf, mehr von Familie Mariner zu sehen! Nebenbei bemerkt - auch mal schön, "Personen"gruppen ohne Snutdauk zu sehen. ;O)

    Op Weddersehn - ik kiek mal wedder vörbi!
    Birgit (die eigentlich gar kein PlattdĂŒĂŒtsch snackt - aber wie die meisten hier oben doch das eine oder andere versteht)

    1. Liebe Birgit, dein lieber Gruß war neulich der Hit in unserem Hause! :D

      So eine witziger Kommentar, von dem ich beim allerersten Mal Durchlesen nur knapp die HĂ€lfte verstanden habe, hihi!
      Fudge hat geflötet, er wisse genau was du meintest... Trotzdem habe ich Snutdauk dann lieber nochmals gegoogelt. :))

  6. I love your new family, Nina
    They have the perfect home and I'm sure they will settle there nicely.

    Jemima is funny, both in her speech and her reasoning. Miri did well to convince that adventurous little bunny.

    Keep well!

    1. Hello Jackson, thanks for your (three!) awesome comments! :)

      The Mariners are doing very well. You are right, they have the perfect home. They also seem to fit in well with the Riversiders concerning their mentality.

  7. Dear Nina,

    Your new rabbit family is very cute. Their home is very beautiful. I love the lighthouse. I would like to have a lighthouse too.I have planned to build a beach house with a lighthouse.

    Have a wonderful Easter!

    1. Dear Sirkka, it is so nice to see you!

      Thank you for having a look at Riverside's new rabbit family.

      What an awesome idea to build a beach house with a lighthouse. It sounds like a fun project. I would definitely be curious to follow the various steps!!

      Hope you have a pleasant Easter weekend. Take care.