Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Saturday, 25 August 2012

The Fairy Bower

Today is the inauguration of Julie's shop. As you might have read in the "Babblebrook Daily", it is called the Fairy Bower. 

Here are some pictures to help you remember what the shop looked like before it was renovated!

And this is what it looks like now:

Before the guests arrive, Julie and James are making the last finishing touches.

James is filling a large purple bowl with wooden ladybugs. They are a free present for the visitors.

There is a beautiful plant hanging from the marquee. Julie is checking it for withered leaves. 

"I think the Woodchucks are coming!" says James. 

And sure enough, here are the Woodchucks bringing cups and saucers for the inauguration.

Chelsea is balancing a basket full of saucers on top of her head.

Charles is pushing a wheelbarrow filled with tea cups.

These are the Woodchuck's children: their daughter Chandra and Chutney, their son.

"You are right James, it's them!"  Julie rejoices.

"Hello children," says James.

"Good day, Mr and Mrs Periwinkle!" says Chandra.

"Hello Chelsea, my dear!" says Julie, "I see you have brought some plates for our buffet. Thank you so much!" 

"You are very welcome," replies Mrs Woodchuck. "Look, dear Charles has brought the tea cups."

First of all, Charles helps James place the table for the buffet on the right spot. 

Then, James and Julie get the table cloth.

Now they place a fancy cake on the table, which they have baked especially for the occasion. 

Before continuing to set the table, Julie decides to open a package the postman brought this morning. It is a gift from Zelda Periwinkle, a relative from Plumcake.

"Wooow!" Julie gasps. "Come and have a look, James!"

"It's the tea pot I asked Zelda to get for me at Tallulah's Teahouse!" "It's lovely, my dear!" says James.

"It really is," agrees Julie, "And such great timing. We can use it today for our tea!"

The two rabbits continue to set the table...

...until everything is perfect.

In the meantime, Chutney and Chandra have been playing with their new ladybirds.

Then the first visitors arrive. It's Tamara and Teresa Babblebook. Tamara has brought Jemima. She has been babysitting her this morning.

"Hello Mummy!"

Teresa goes to greet her good friend Chelsea.

A crowd of visitors has arrived.

"Hello everybody! Welcome!" 

Julie welcomes everyone. She says hello to the Leapfoot family.

And then she greets the Sylversons.

Soon, the place is filled with people. Children are playing with their ladybugs.

Some people are having a chat...

...while others are checking out the interior of the store.

Sidney Sylverson is admiring Chelsea's peacock. "What a cute little bugger!" he exclaims.

The inauguration is a huge success. In just two hours all pictures and most of the pottery is sold out and some people have even placed orders! Everyone enjoys their tea and cake, and the children have a great time playing with their ladybirds, while the adults exchange the latest news.

Finally, only one ladybug is left. 
"Did you get a free present yet?" Julie asks little Misty Sylverson. "No... Could I have one...?" "Of course, Misty. It's yours!" Misty is thrilled, as she accepts the little red beetle.

The Fairy Bower shop sign and exterior decoration are made by me. 
Fimo duck, peacock and two flower bowls are made by me as well.

Julie's twenties dress is made by Kate Dante. (Thank you!) :-)