Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Autumn Crafting with Hester Hogwart


Last week I purchased some beautiful autumn decorations for humans and sylvanians and decided to ask Hester to meet me for a crafting session. The little green wreath is Hesters.

This (slightly larger...) brown one is mine. :)

And here are the items I chose to decorate it with. Some white and brown mushrooms, different sized autumn leaves, two branches of blackberries, some light green lanterns and, last but not least, a furry red fox.

Here is the end result. Hester is actually sitting on fox's spot, but he didn't mind, since I told him it was only for one photo.

Now back to Hester's wreath. She started off with these three lovely round pine cones. 

Then she fixed some fiery coloured red and orange leaves onto the wreath. By then it had started to become dark, so we turned on the electric lights.

All the little woodland creatures that had been bustling around the room climbed onto the table (or onto Hester) to have a look at her creation. Hester had topped the leaves with a small orange pumpkin, a fake brown hedgehog and some beautiful toadstools she had once received from Birgit.

After a while Hester got up and started to spread dry leaves all over the floor for the animals to play in. Edgar the crow made a marvellous "crinkle-and-crunch" sound as he stepped onto one of the leaves with his big toe. One of the mice decided to play hide-and-seek. The little grey one chose to stay on top of Hester's head where it was nice and soft.

But there had to be an end to all the crafting and playing sometime, so when Hester started to clean up, the animals knew it was time to go back outside into the wood for the night. Except the little grey mouse. It decided to stay on top of Hester's head where it was nice and warm. Hester didn't mind at all.

Love and regards

from Hester

 and me.