Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Sunday, 30 December 2018

A Parcel From Dandelion Creek!!!

The next Santa came all the way from NEW ZEALAND! He passed by Riverside to drop off presents from Emily and the citizens of Dandelion Creek.

"You wanna show da cards first, Nina," Jemima tells me.

Thank you for reminding me, sweetie! 🙏

Look at all these beautiful cards we received for Christmas!

This one, with the snow bunny is the one we received from Emily! It features a scene from Dandelion Creek.

The adorable baby angel bear came from Cutata in Sweet Berry Valley.

The card with the fancy silver snowflakes came from Maria in Ireland and the note with the delicate handmade flower and leaf came from Drora in Israel.

This gorgeous handmade card and red star was made by Sirkka in Finland.

And finally there is the card made by Fudge's also-mommy, Birgit!

Getting back to the presents, here is one that seems to contain a bar of gold. Just kidding - but it really is very big and extremely heavy!!! 😲

Lucky me! It contained these five AMAZING chocolate bars. 😍 Not only do the flavours sound absolutely delicious, the bars also feature the most elegant packaging ever!

To the side you can see something, that I am sure is meant for Fudge. Thank you, Emily! The reason Fudge is not on this photo, hugging the jar of manuka honey is because after seeing it, he got so happy that he fainted. 😁

The next person to open her gift is Hippolina. Out of the wrapping paper comes precious little Lola-May. 

"Isn't she the prettiest little dolly you've ever seen?" exclaims Hippolina. "She even comes with a note that reads: 'Hello! My name is Lola-May and I like to eat berries'. Thank you, Emily! Now I don't have to borrow Jemima's doll Sally anymore! I will take very good care of Lola-May and get fresh berries for her every day."

While Hippolina and Lola-May get better acquainted, Jemima opens a present with her name on it. 

"Oooooo!! Look, Mommydaddy! New crayons!" 
Jemima is very happy about her crayons and I am sure she will spend many hours of fun drawing pictures for her family and friends.

Now it is Julie's turn to open her present and inside she finds a precious blue bottle containing Lily Perfume! 

"Thank you, Emily! How did you know it is my favourite kind?" Julie wonders.

Now comes James who unwraps his very own book of Sudoku!!!

"This is great! I love puzzle books and I have been dying to try out Sudoku!" James says, beaming.

The last one to open his gift is Fudge. He is happy as can be to find a matching woollen rug/blanket in the same colours and pattern as his scarf and cap! 

"This will keep us warm all winter, Pickles!" he says as his pet dragon settles down in his lap.

The children have a little something to eat and drink while they wait for more presents to arrive. (They can already hear the next Santa's boots stomping around on the roof.)





😊 😍 😋

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

A Parcel From Drora!!!

It's Christmas Eve at the Periwinkles'. They just popped outside to have their picture taken on the town square by a professional photographer. This gives us a chance to snoop around...

Jemima has decorated her room with a little green christmas tree and a drawing of a happy penguin.

Quackie and Button are wondering how many gifts Santa is going to bring them. Button was very good this year. Quackie not so much...

The parents' bedroom is decorated with a beautiful wreath that Cutata from Sweet Berry Valley made last year. On the bed are some heart shaped pillows and the cute and very comfortable rabbit pillows they received last christmas from Sarah at Magic Mayhem.

Julie didn't have any time to knit before christmas, because she was too busy baking and cooking. The bag of wool that she got from Marianne last year is standing next to the armchair in the reading room.

In the bathroom is a little white deer ornament next to the pot of Drora's pansies. James Periwinkle takes very good care of the flowers all year round.

Here we are in the kitchen. Looks like Julie baked some delicious christmas cupcakes!

On the little blue table is a gingerbread house made last christmas by Birgit. 

Seems like the Periwinkles and their friends are back from the town square and in the mood for unpacking presents.

Jemima is dressed up as Santa and her friend Ralfie as Rudolph. Jemima's cousins Billie and Jillie are there too, as well as Hippolina, Fudge and Pickles.

There have been rumours all around town that tonight different Santas from all over the world are bringing presents to Riverside. 

It seems like they are true! The very first Santa slipped through the chimney while no one was looking and brought presents from Drorasminimundo in Israel. They were delivered without wrapping paper. Jemima is very happy about this, as it means there will be less time spent unwrapping and more time spent playing!

The presents include a colourful dolly with movable arms and legs, a white cake stand with freshly baked chocolate cookies on top, a miniature red and white rocking horse, a giraffe (with real hair!) on a wagon, the most precious pink stroller Jemima has ever seen, and a new (feline) addition to the family!

The doll jumps into Jemima's arms immediately. She is happy to have a mommy now.

"Funny dolly," Jemima giggles. "You ah so soft!" 

Jemima knows what to do with the stroller immediately. It is the stroller she has always wanted for Quackie. 

And Quackie is proud as can be. No more bothersome waddling around, she says to herself. From now on she will be pushed from A to B like the V.I.D. that she is.

(In case you didn't know, V.I.D. is short for Very Important Duck.)

The toys are great and Jemima invites her friends and family to play. Billie takes the dolly next to her onto the armchair and Ralfie says hello to the horsy and the giraffe. 

Pip and Molly and the new cat are getting acquainted also.

Jemima quickly decides that she should be called Pumpkin due to her orange fur. Pumpkin purrs in agreement and Pip and Molly stare at her with curiosity.

Drora's presents are THAT great, that Jemima's toys even play together in her room now when Jemima isn't there. 

And it is always great fun for Jemima to play with them with a group of friends.

💝 Thank you, dear Drora, for these precious little handmade treasures and for being such a good friend to Jemima Periwinkle and me. 💝

🎄🎅 Merry Christmas to everybody! 🎅🎄


Saturday, 15 December 2018

A Parcel From Magic Mayhem!!!

Today is a special day. Jemima and Pickles and me (Fudge!) are going to show you the wonderful parcel we received from Sarah and the inhabitants of Magic Mayhem.

It is very cold here today, the ground is covered in snow and we are all feeling the christmas spirit, which is why I made sure to wrap Jemima up like a sushi roll (using the woollen scarf and cap Emily made me last year) and to dress myself up to look like the cute little angel that I am. (Mommy only got cross with me once this year. Okay, maybe twice. Okay, it was more than that!! But I was really very good most of the time...) 😅

Now isn't the time to look back and worry. It is the time to sit on top of a large parcel and imagine all the wonderful, creamy, delicious sweeties Sarah put inside there for me.

"Let's OPEN da pawcel, Fudge!!" Jemima orders. And I won't wait for her to tell me twice.

I get up wearing my beautiful white and golden angel wings to do my duty as christmas parcel opener.

Look at this, everybody. Have you ever seen such a beautiful and happy christmas cat?

Judging from my present I have been VERY good. It is time to do the happy dance.

Judging from the rest of the parcel, we have all been VERY good and truly need to cut it out right now and be a little naughty. 

Too much good behaviour could seem to Santa as if we were faking it, don't you think?

So we have another look at the cat that is dreaming of a white christmas and then we start opening presents.

Nina got this SPECTACULAR neck warmer with the cutest forest animal fabric we have ever seen.

It is a beauty and Nina is going to cherish it.

Jemima got a cosy turquoise rug for her room. Pickles and Quackie love how soft it is and that it is shaped like a snail shell.

I also received this tropical looking hat... 

"Fudge, stop playing with da food!!" Jemima giggles. 

Okay, okay, Jemima! I present to you -

a delicious plate of fruit for the Riversiders' christmas buffet!

"Yum, yum!" says Quackie, smacking her lips.

"Maybe we should have a bite of one of my presents, before we continue, Jemima?"

Now that I have my energy back, I can show you the last present. It is one of the best things that has ever been sent to us, because it suits me so well... but in order to show you, I have to take off my angel wings for a moment.


 Finally I got my own fairy wings, just like my cousin Fluby.

I am letting Jemima hold my magic wand for me. 

I will use it later, to produce a few more reindeer chocolates! 

💗 Thank you, Sarah, for all the lovely gifts! 💗