Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Saturday, 28 November 2020

Happy First Advent!

🌟 Dear friends 🌟

How nice to be writing a blog post with Nina after such a long time. Yes, this is Fudge writing to you from Riverside!

My Mommy has been too busy to post anything for such a long time, justifying her behaviour with things like "work" and "problems" and "real life" - whatever that is?! I got very upset with her time and again, saying, "What could be more important than spending time in Riverside?"

Well, today - completely unexpected - we received a package from the north of Germany; from my other Mommy called Birgit, to be precise. Nina could not believe her eyes. "But I haven't posted any stories or commented on her blog posts in ages!" she exclaimed. 

Do you know what I said to her then? I told her, "Well, that just goes to show how very, very well behaved I have been all year round. I am sure that that is why Birgit is sending this package. She has a special feeling for this kind of thing, you know! Just like Santa..."

Would you like to see what was inside the parcel?

Could we please spend a moment oohing and aahing over the gorgeous card she has sent us, the golden cabochons with diamonds in the middle, the little wooden balls and hearts, the frog, bird, chicken and gift box? And last but not least, a miniature house made by Birgit's own hands and a moose

When Nina saw that Birgit had gifted her one of her tiny houses, she might have shed a tear or two... She made this foto of it in her hand, so you can see just how small it is. 

I love the little planters on the front porch. 😊

We also received a table calendar with photos of my cousins Rosey and Fluby (hello, you two, if you are reading this!), a colourful rocking horse, a beautiful pink and white blanket with roses and these two very delicate blue cushions with Peter Rabbit on them.

As if all that weren't enough, Riverside now has this wonderful red swing, a packet of delicious marzipan sweets and a bunch of beautiful christmas ribbons (some shiny and some satin).

As every year, Birgit has gifted us with a Fluby and Rosey chocolate advent calendar. 💖

Dear Birgit

you have made our first advent weekend a truly magical one

with your gifts and generosity and friendship. 

🎀 Thank you so much.🎀

(Especially for making Nina write.)

Wishing everybody a very pleasant advent Sunday, maybe even with some delicious coffee and cake and some fudge of course... You should always have a piece of fudge. 😊

Hugs to all, 

Fudge & Nina

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Happy Easter 2020

Dear friends,

Jemima, Fudge and I wish you all Happy Easter and a very pleasant weekend. 

I decorated the eggs in this photo by pasting some beautiful napkin motifs onto them.

I hope you are enjoying spring even during these strange times that are, unfortunately, very hard on some of us. 
And I sincerely hope that you and your loved ones are healthy and/or well cared for.

Hugs and kisses to all,

Nina & the Riversiders

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Parcels from Ayrell and Drora

Dear readers, 

This is your favourite little Riversider Biwubear named Fudge presenting to you more of the wonderful christmas presents we received from friends in blogland.

But, first of all I need to correct my Mommy, who in our last post wrote that the little blue goblin she received from Birgit was made by Georgia Marfels. Unfortunately, she made a mistake. The goblin was actually created by Nicky Cooper. Sorry for the mistake and thank you, Birgit, for pointing it out!  :O)

Now back to Ayrell and Drora's presents.

Ayrell from Arcfield gave us this delightful christmas postcard, which she made herself(!)

and something wrapped inside this cheerful green cat-and-dog-christmas paper...

Our very own official Sylvanian Families Calendar for 2020!!! 

This is awesome, especially since it is Mommy's first SF calendar in the 10 years that she has been collecting Sylvanians.

Have a look at these adorable pictures.

As a special bonus, the calendar contained this stunning photo for december of 2019, so we were able to start using it right away! 

Thank you so much, Ayrell! It was wonderful swapping presents with you and my Mommy likes your gifts very much!  :O)


The next person that sent us presents is Drora

Have a look at this beautiful bird card. An artist called Itzik Adir painted this image with their mouth. (I can't even paint this nice using my paw...)

At first I wasn't very happy about these presents wrapped in Colgate packaging... Was Drora suggesting that the Riversiders should brush their teeth more??

Fortunately, there were really delightful presents contained inside. Nothing to do with dental hygiene at all.  :O)

Here are two sweet little pandas, a practical tray and a whimsical green teapot with frog eyes. (Hester has already reserved it for the Hogwarts.)

Then, there was this gorgeous potted plant,

 a bunch of tiny houses (so cute) and a crate filled with pansies.

Last but certainly not least, Drora has made us the proud owner of one of her stunning walnut dioramas!!! 

Unfortunately, the postman got himself a bunch of negative points in Santa's Book when he cracked part of the shell.

Isn't it a good thing that Nina is quite handy with transparent glue? 

Have a look at the restored walnut scene. 

Isn't Drora's miniature snow scene amazing?  :O)

Dear Drora, thank you for your friendship and for generously gifting us these beautiful handmade miniatures!

Have a great week everybody! 

Greetings from me (Fudge) and best wishes from Nina.

Monday, 6 January 2020

A Parcel from Birgit

The Riversiders have been extremely good last year, which is why Birgit sent them this monster of a parcel. :)

Thank you, Birgit!!!

Go on, open it, Jemima!

Of course, Fudge wants to help with the unboxing, too.

There is something very large in here!

Fudge: "If it's made of chocolate, it's mine!!"

And there's more.

"Do you know what is in there?" Ralfie asks Pickles who shakes his head.

"Wow, it's an entire shopping bag full of gifts!" says Hippolina.

I cannot believe that Birgit gave us a little goblin made by Georgia Marfels on Etsy! I wonder whether he's been so mischievous that her biwubears needed to be rid of him?! 
I'll keep an eye on him, that's for sure...

A box filled with wonderful ornaments.

Thank you for this extremely thoughtful gift! You are right, these buttons look so much like Sylvanians. :)

A beautiful advent calendar that can also be used as a lantern!

"Two calendars with photos of my brother and sister!" 

Thank you for all these 
yummy and beautiful gifts, 

Special hugs from Fudge & Pickles 
& Hippolina.