Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Raspberry Wishes & Berry Creme

Jemima is still lying in her bed sleeping, so why am I showing you this lovely ornament in one of her favourite colours - yellow? Oh right, Jemima has started to "sleep travel", i.e., dream...

Will this dream be about food, food and more food like the last one I told you about, I wonder? No, I believe this one will be different... :)

As it turns out, Jemima is dreaming about Fairyland! In her dream she has made a trip to this magical country with Quackie and her parents. They are watching a beautiful fairy gondola float by on the river Aquamarine. On it are two winged fairies wearing beautiful gowns. The pink haired fairy is called Miss Raspberry Wishes and the fairy with the blond hair, who is actually steering the boat with her magic staff, is called Miss Serene Diamonds. 

As they travel further down the Aquamarine they notice a fairy named Fraise DuJardin taking care of her little garden on the riverbank. She is watering her flowers, as well as giving the little rabbits that live inside the tree stump to drink. But it's not just any kind of water. This water is specially processed (a recipe invented by Fraise). It makes any plant you water it with, and any animal that drinks it, smell sweetly and marvellously of strawberries.

This pretty horse is called Berry Creme, and she is actually a real unicorn (no, unicorns are not at all extinct). She lives close to the Aquamarine and loves to take long tranquil walks along the riverbank. 

Julie can't believe what they are seeing. "A unicorn, James! We're so lucky to  meet one!" she exclaims and sticks out her hand to greet the creature. Berry Creme bows her head politely to the family. Jemima and Quackie stare at the unicorn open mouthed. They have never seen a pink horse before. Soon, Jemima regains her composure and asks Berry Creme whether she may ride on her back.

Berry agrees and soon Jemima and Quackie can view the riverbank from the back of a unicorn.
"Mommy, Daddy!" Jemima giggles, "De unicone smell like stwawbewwy!" James and Julie get a whiff of it, too. 

Finally, the Periwinkles board the fairy gondola for a ride down the Aquamarine.

The Periwinkles watch as Miss Raspberry leaves the boat for a quick errand. After an exchange of kind words with Berry Creme, she holds the tip of her pink magic wand against the tip of Berry's silver horn.

She does this every once in a while to recharge. (Recharging wands is one of Berry's special talents and she does it for free.) The Periwinkles hear a buzzing sound and see a few sparks fly until the transmission of energy is complete.

Once they are all aboard the boat, the trip down the river can continue. 

Jemima is and Quackie are feeling a little light-headed. Is all this really happening, or is it just a dream? 

She really doesn't know anymore, 
and to be honest, 
neither do I... 


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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Bedding for the Baby

After her adventure with Hester's book of spells, Jemima was very tired, so when the two rabbits arrived back home later that afternoon, Julie tucked her daughter into bed for a nap. Quackie was peeking through the bars of the cot. She wasn't so crazy about naptime, as she didn't feel tired at all. 

"Daddy home soon?" Jemima asked sleepily. 
"I think I heard Daddy open the front door a moment ago," Julie responded. 
"Show Daddy new blanket," the rabbit girl continued. 
"Yes dear, we'll show Daddy the beautiful gifts that came today in the mail, as soon as he gets here."

James had spent the day instructing new employees at the Water Mill Bakery. Now he was eager to spend some time with his family. He hadn't met anyone downstairs, which is why he decided to check if they were inside Jemima's bedroom.

 "There you are, my angels," James said, as he entered the room. Jemima looked so adorable inside her blue and white cot. 

"Oh, what's this?" he said. "A new rug?" 

Jemima's stuffed rabbit, Pink Sally was sitting on the little blue chair, resting and observing the scene.

"Yes, dear!" Julie answered. "Jemima received a big package from aunt Kathy in the mail today! She sent this beautiful handmade rug as well as two handsewn bedding sets. Isn't she the best?! I told her several weeks ago on the phone that Jemima didn't like her plain white bed linen and blanket, so she decided to send her all this as a surprise for her new room!"

James bent down and picked up a corner of the rug. He checked out the material (it was pleasantly soft) and whistled approvingly through his front teeth. "This is lovely!" James agreed. "Aunt Kathy even added carpet fringe. Very cosy."

When James went to say hello to Jemima she had already fallen asleep. "Aunt Kathy's bedding looks gorgeous," James whispered. "I am sure Jemima will sleep even better now. And I can't believe how much more inviting the room looks with this pretty rug in the centre!"

"Yes, didn't she just find the perfect fabrics to match Jemima's furniture? We should invite her over for a long weekend as soon as she gets a day off from work." "That would be nice," James nodded. "If the weather is warm and sunny we could have a barbecue. By the way, how was your afternoon at Hester's?"
"It was great, dear. She made the most delicious vanilla doughnuts and we had a lovely conversation about talking plants. Jemima played with the triplets. They loved Quackie, you know."

Suddenly, she was interrupted.

"Meow! Meow, meow, MEOW!!" said Molly and Pip while looking at James and Julie reproachfully. "Oh, you poor little things, you must be so hungry! Let's get them out of here, James, before they wake up Jemima."

Quickly but noiselessly the adults left the room. Julie opened the door and let Pip toddle by himself while James carefully picked up Molly to carry her out. 

"Come on sweetie!" Julie coaxed. Pip was so tiny that even a door frame seemed high to him, and his legs were the shortest little stubs you have ever seen on a cat, but eventually he made it over the sill and they all went downstairs where James and Julie prepared a meal for the kittens. 

Before James closed the door behind him, he took one last look at how calmly his daughter was resting underneath her new blanket. 

Little did he know that while Jemima was lying there so peacefully she was actually having a very exciting dream... 


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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Hester's Book of Spells (Part 2)

I bet you would finally like to know what happened to Jemima after she disappeared from the Hogwarts' armchair inside their cottage! 

(If you haven't read that part of the story, I urge you to read Part 1 of "Hester's Book of Spells" first.)

Here is what happened next...

When Jemima opened her eyes she felt a hard, cold surface underneath her back. She opened her eyes. She seemed to be inside a room with dark red walls.

When she sat up and looked to her right she saw something very surprising. 

There was a person - a girl - sitting at a table next to hers. But it wasn't a Sylvanian or any other kind of animal girl. It was a human. 

She was talking to herself and she seemed upset. "Think, think, think!... WHAT did I do wrong THIS time?... I must have forgotten SOMEthing."

Then the girl saw her.

"Oh!! Who are you??" she asked the little rabbit baby that was staring at her.

Then, she leaned over and picked Jemima up. She was surprised at how warm and satiny the little rabbit felt in her arms. 

"Me Mima." Jemima said. "JA-mi-ma," she corrected herself.
"Lovely to meet you, Jemima. I'm Raven," said the girl. "Where did you come from?" 

"Mima come from da book!" Jemima said. 

"You came from the BOOK? THIS book?" Raven asked. Jemima nodded. "How weird. It's my school spellbook. And I wasn't conjuring little rabbit girls at all! Actually, I am trying to conjure a dragon. A real live dragon. But look at what I've come up with so far..." Raven scowled.

"What's da pwobwem?" Jemima asked. 
"The problem is my Mom wants me to brush up on my dark magic and I also need to prepare for the Dragon Games, which is why I was trying to conjure a dragon."

"And look at what I have come up with so far!!" she added with exasperation.

"I thought I had mixed the potion correctly and said the spell just like the book tells you to, but all I came up with is this pathetic ole frog. It's not even a TOAD! Ugh!"

"Oooh!" Jemima exclaimed admiringly. "But iss a vewy pootiful fwog!!" And she smiled. 

"Really Jemima? You really think so??" Jemima nodded. "Uh-huh. Vewy."

"Wow, you're more appreciative of my magic than anyone else has been all year... Do you think... I mean, you came out of my book, you say... Would you be willing to help me perform this spell right?"

Jemima nodded enthusiastically. She didn't want Raven to feel gloomy any longer.

Together they mixed a new potion and Jemima listened as Raven spoke the words of the dragon spell.

There was a loud swishing sound and then a "pop!" and suddenly there was a small green dragon sitting on top of Raven's magic pot. Though only the statue of a dragon, Raven was really happy about her progress. 

"You've been so helpful, Jemima, and such a good friend. Can I do anything for YOU now?" 

"Wanna go home..." Jemima squeaked. While it had been a lot of fun meeting Raven, she was now starting to become overwhelmed with the experience of "book travel". 

Raven knew that the best way to get Jemima back home was to make her read the spell that had gotten her here in the first place. She propped up the book in front of the little rabbit and Jemima opened the colourful pages showing those same beautiful drawings she had looked at back at the Hogwarts' cottage. 

Once again she let the spell about Storyland read itself to her...

After Jemima left (and arrived back at the Hogwarts' safely - I checked!!), Raven was in such a good mood that she conjured up a bowl of ice cream. It included three scoops of her favourite flavours - woodruff, lemon and hazelnut. 

What a pecualiar experience she had just had. Who would have thought she would make friends with a friendly little rabbit girl while studying dark magic?

Maybe this school year at Ever After High wouldn't turn out so bad at all!...


Thank you for reading Parts 1 and 2 of my story. :)) 

 The ice cream bowl conjured up by Raven 
was made by me from Fimo.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

Hester's Book of Spells (Part 1)

Have I ever told you guys about the time Julie and Jemima had tea with the Hogwarts? Not yet? Okay, then maybe you should read this post, because something very peculiar and astonishing happened that day...

"Hester, these vanilla donuts smell delicious!" Julie praised her friend. "Well, I know you aren't very partial to maggot icing, so I made some for you without and instead added some vanilla to the mixture." 

Julie was having afternoon tea at Hester's house and had brought Jemima along to play with the triplets.

Jemima was seated on the floor of the cottage with Henry, Hattie and Hope. The triplets loved animals, yet they were more used to playing with beetles, snails and talking plants than with yellow rubber ducks, so they were quite intrigued by Quackie.

Jemima on on her part was quite intrigued by the witchy interior of the Hogwarts' home and took advantage of the triplets' fascination with Quackie to look around. 

First she said hello to Ruff, the Hogwarts' talking plant. Ruff said hello to Jemima and then went on to observe the little rabbit girl with keen interest.

Next, Jemima climbed onto Hester's dark red armchair. She had heard her mommy talk about Hester's powerful magic book to her daddy on occasion and was curious to see what all the fuss was about.

She sat down and looked at the book. It was covered in a scaly looking leather binding. She touched it. It was rough and soft at the same time and had a strange smoky smell to it. The clasp consisted of a dark black ribbon and something long with a sharp tip that looked a lot like a tooth. Was this a dragon's tooth and the binding made of dragon's skin? Jemima shuddered. 

Still no one seemed to be paying attention to her. Her mom was talking to Hester about Cat Shelter Deluxe and the triplets were oohing and aahing over Quackie. 

So Jemima unfastened the clasp and opened the book.

She could hardly believe how pretty the two pages were that she was looking at. She admired the squiggly old writing framed by detailed drawings of spectacular beings. There were strange unknown plants at the bottom, and dragons and fairy-like beings depicted at the top. And, then, when she had another look at the writing, something strange happened. 

As you know, Jemima is very little and does not yet know how to read or write. Nevertheless, as she looked at the words printed on to those pages so artistically by one of Hester's ancestors, she suddenly felt them GET INTO HER HEAD AND READ THEMSELVES TO HER. It was the strangest and yet most familiar feeling she had ever had. Simply by looking at the letters she could suddenly hear their meaning inside her head. The book spoke to her and she listened. 

It said, 
"Abra cadabra,
In the blink of an eye,
To countries and cities of legend
I fly.

Abra cadabra,
Cadabra caday, 
Take me to Storyland,
Take me away!"

Nobody in the room noticed the faint popping sound made by the spell or the sound of rustling pages as Hester's book fell onto the seat of the armchair. 

Only Ruffle the plant had witnessed Jemima Periwinkle disappear into thin air.