Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Rabbits On A Sunday

It's Sunday morning and once again we are at the Periwinkles' new home to see what they are up to. James is already up and making his and his wife Julie's bed. 

Pip and Molly have decided to relax inside Julie's house slippers. They are so small that Julie's slippers are as large as boats to them. 

Nevertheless, Pip is struggling to find the "right" position.

Still struggling... 

Aaah... That's better!

Now we are in the knitting and reading room. Why are there Julie's and Jemima's dresses without Julie and Jemima in them?

I see, Jemima is downstairs in the bathroom doing her business on the comfortable new toilet. So is Quackie. 

In the meantime Julie has filled the bathtub with warm water. Now they are both in the tub. Jemima does not know that Mommy is planning on scrubbing her squeaky clean.

There comes the soapy sponge and Quackie falls into the bath water out of fright. A rubber duck that doesn't like soap water? Hmmm... 
Jemima is wiggling with her short little arms and legs as her mother attempts to wash her. 

Finished. While Julie rubs herself dry with a fluffy pink towel, Jemima is allowed to play inside the tub. She likes her new little bath toys. Especially Dido the Dolfin. 
What are you playing, Jemima? 

"Mima pway Mommy kiss chidwin gooobye in da moening befoe dey go kindagahden." 

Quackie is leaning forward in an attempt to count each and every kiss. The other toys aren't allowed to receive any more kisses than her. She must always make sure of this. After all, she is Jemima's favourite.

Finally the rabbits are clean and dry and Julie is helping Jemima get dressed.

While Julie goes into the kitchen to prepare breakfast...

...Jemima plays "life in the village" with her toy rabbit Pink Sally and with Quackie...

...and Daddy makes some calls to friends and relatives on the new telephone.

And now, as a special treat for all you nosy people out there that are always looking into other peoples' tubs and living rooms, here is a photograph of the entire house. ;)

But oh... someone didn't make her bed this morning. I guess little Jemima doesn't like her plain white bedsheets very much... 

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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Rabbit House Euphoria


We are at the Periwinkles' on a Saturday afternoon. Mommy and Daddy have put aside the books they have been reading to have some tea. They are enjoying the comfort of their new living room. Jemima is sitting on the green sofa with Mommy. Molly and Quackie are listening to her while she tells them a story. Little Pip is sitting on Jemima's rocking horse.

After a while James goes into the kitchen to prepare supper. He loves their new kitchen. It's so big and so bright, even on rainy days, due to the yellow tiled walls with blue flowers on them. They now have a large kitchen stove to cook their tea on, a hutch containing all their kitchenware, a sink to wash the dishes in and even a new yellow washing machine for their towels and clothing.

James especially likes the new white refrigerator. Not only does it keep all his favourite cheese from melting, it also helps keep Jemima's milk fresh, as well as Molly and Pips's cat food. James is preparing carrot and Camembert casserole. After taking some vegetables, Camembert and a packet of butter out of the fridge, he starts chopping up the carrots. 

Meanwhile, in the living room, Jemima and Quackie are climbing the stairs. What are they up to? And where has Mrs Periwinkle gone? Let's see if we can find her...

Oops, Julie is on the toilet. Better give her some privacy!!

Back in the living room, Molly and Pip are having a drink. 

Oh wow, Pip is really thirsty

Let's see what Jemima is doing.

Jemima is sitting on the carpeted floor of her bedroom with a dreamy expression on her face. She is wearing a basket on top of her head and her collection of My Little Pony horses is spread out before her. These MLPs look like vintage ponies from the eighties! Maybe they used to belong to Mrs Periwinkle when she was little? "What are you doing Jemima?" I ask her.

"Mima is da Queen of Ponylan! All da ponies come to show me dere spesho powass!"

I think she means "special powers". :) It sounds like a fun game. Can we play? Oops, Quackie is giving me a very stern look... She doesn't like to share Jemima. I don't want to start a fight, so I'd rather get back to James or Julie.

Aaah, Julie has made herself comfortable in the green armchair. She is holding her knitting in front of her and is looking out the balcony window with a faraway look on her face, just like Jemima some moments before. 

"Isn't this pleasant?" she thinks to herself. "It's simply wonderful to have a warm and spacious home! I can sit here by myself, next to the cosy space heater and just knit and relax. And the view is lovely, too!" She adds.

The Periwinkles are really enjoying themselves today. I am very happy for them, after all, the move was a lot of hard work. Let's see if Daddy has finished cooking.  

It looks like the casserole is in the oven. James is standing in front of the fireplace, kindling the fire. He seems to be looking into the distance, while Molly snuggles up on the sofa cushion behind him and Sukie, James's plant makes a soft little sound while scratching her tummy with one of her leaves. 

"This house is just perfect for us. We should have moved a looong time ago..." James says to himself while continuously scraping away the ashes. 

James stays immersed in his thoughts for such a long time that he doesn't notice the light fade. "Oh, it's gotten dark!" He suddenly realises. "Lovely. Now we can relax by the light of the fire, kids," he says to Sukie and Molly and they quietly agree.

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Some of the Periwinkles' household items are taken from the 
Re-ment My Melody Winter Vacation Set.

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Red Rabbit House


I just came by a beautiful red house with a green roof and white window frames. I looked inside one of the upper storey windows and saw a pink rocking horse, just like Jemima's...

Let's peek inside the other bedroom... Ooh, everyone is still asleep. I guess we should come back again later...

Let's have another try... As you have probably guessed we are looking inside the Periwinkles' lovely new home!  

It looks like everyone's up now. Well, except for Molly and Pip. They like to relax on the bed cushions every morning after James and Julie have made their beds.

And yes, Pip and Molly are now living with the Periwinkles. :) Jemima wanted to keep them. Piggy was not able to come along. She was picked up by her former owners after they found out she was staying at Cat Shelter Deluxe

Let's go find the Periwinkles...

This cosy room is right next to the parents' bedroom. It's where Julie does her knitting and James reads books about botany.

The green armchair is another place the kittens like to cuddle up on and relax. :D

Let's go downstairs.

Now we've entered the living room. As you can see, there is a large fireplace, another green armchair and a sofa. Also, the Periwinkles have now got a telephone. James's plant is standing on the mantlepiece, smiling at us.  :)

I still haven't found any Sylvanians, though. There's a door to the right... Maybe someone is in there...

Ooh! For the first time since moving to Riverside the Periwinkles have installed a complete bathroom including a laaarge bathtub and their own toilet!! There is even a little sink in the back. Lovely. But still no Periwinkles. :(

I'll try one more room, the one one at the far end of the living room, and if no one is in there, I give up. Maybe they went out for a morning stroll.

Horaaaay!! :)) Here they are: Julie, James and Jemima (and Quackie). They are having breakfast in their big and colourful new kitchen! I could have guessed... Kitchens are certainly a favourite place inside a house, don't you think?

Happy Spring to all of you from the Periwinkles, and off you go, back to your own houses. ;) I for one will take a seat at the Periwinkles' kitchen table, since they just invited me to join them and try some of their fresh bread and marmalade. :D

The Periwinkles' new home is a dollhouse from Lundby.

The parents' beautiful bedding sets were made by a very talented SF collector called Kathy. You can check out her items here: www.kathyssewnlabel.etsy.com.  
She is also on ebay as katch4559 and on Facebook for custom made orders. Thank you very much, Kathy. :)