Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Susan's Kitchen

Today I am greeting you from Susan's kitchen.

Actually, it's the Hazelnuts' kitchen, but Susan is a homemaker and mother, so she spends a lot of time there.

Have you ever wondered why you have never met Ralfie Hazelnut's family? That is because, I am ashamed to admit, the poor little squirrel didn't have one.

Well he did have a family, but only in my mind. I only came around to purchasing the Sylvanian Families squirrel family a few months ago. That is why, until now, you have always seen Ralfie alone (living through some dangerous adventure) or spending the afternoon with sister Rona (who came with a Japanese room set), for instance at the Snoopy Café.

Cousin Joey is currently living with the Hazelnuts. One of his daily chores is to put away the clean dishes. He is dancing wildly while placing a yellow plate into a drawer. 

Dave Hazelnut catches him in the act and clears his throat loudly. 

"Ahem. Joey!! Pleeease tidy away the dishes in one piece!"

"Ooops... Sure uncle Dave. Sorry!" Joey mumbles.

Rona is standing next to the rack, stretching her paws with all her might.
"Can... not... reach," she groans.

"A smart person doesn't need to be tall," she says, while sliding a kitchen chair next to the rack.

"Got it!" she exclaims with the Rilakkuma pencil finally inside her paw.

Then she sits down at the table and hollers, "Has anybody seen my notepad??"

"No, dear!" Dave and Susan reply.

Meanwhile Joey is receiving his twentieth telling-off today. He's just that sort of squirrel that's always jittery and nosy and with his head in the clouds.

"What are you doing with our fine wine glass, Joey? Please put it back onto the counter."

Ralfie and his Mom are smooching each other on the nose. Susan is Ralfie's favourite squirrel in the world.  He loves his Mom and sees her as a role model, as she is always friendly and never afraid of anything.

Underneath the table are the Hazelnuts' two pet ducks Itsy and Bitsy, swimming in circles inside their little tub.

"Okaaay," cheers Rona from her chair a few moments later. "Got the duck on my lap, found my notepad and I'm wearing my lucky bracelet. Now I can finally start to write my article like a true journalist."

 Susan has made Ralfie his favourite drink - chocolate milk.

But what in the world is Dave doing? He seems to be mixing carrots and orange juice inside a pot.

As you can see, everybody is busy doing something or watching somebody else.

Let me take a moment to tell you something about this beautiful set of glasses and bottle of delicious wine.
I purchased it recently from a museum of vintage toys inside a castle. Yes, you have heard correctly. How aswesome is that, huh?? A beautiful, renovated castle and it even has rooms full of toys inside! 
There was a little display cabinet next to the cash register with some miniatures for sale. When I saw this little set, I could not resist. It's made of real glas. And do you know what the best part is? Unfortunately one cannot see in the photos, but the bottle is actually filled with liquid!!!

"Can I have some of that juice, aunt Susan?" asks Joey. "That's not juice, that's wine," replies Dave. 
"But didn't you tell me earlier today that wine was made of grape juice?" Joey inquires. 
"Well, yes, but it also contains alcohol and that is not something underage squirrels are allowed to drink."
"Oooh..." Joey utters disappointedly. 

"I'll get you some apple juice instead, dear," says Susan.

Before long, Ralfie has finished his chocolate milk. Revitalized, he grabs the vacuum cleaner. It looks like a duck, which makes it all the more interesting to Itsy and Bitsy.

 "Mooom! Ralfie is vacuuming again!! He's a vacuumoholic..."

"Let'im do it," reponds Susan from the refrigerator. "He's good at it."

"Yeah, let him do it, Rona. At least his passion for the new duckson multi floor pro means our kitchen floor is always neat." 

(No, this blog post is not sponsored...)

So Ralfie and Bitsy waddle around the kitchen, while Itsy steals a ride on the hoovering brush.

Now we know what it looks like in Susan's kitchen. Hope you enjoyed your stay.
I never thought I'd feel this happy to see Ralfie with his parents, sister and cousin. But he is, after all, one of my favourite Riversiders.

Have a pleasant evening and maybe enjoy a glass of wine. (Unless you are underage - then have some delicious apple juice with Joey.)