Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Monday, 31 October 2016

Midnight, Moonlight and Magic (Pt 1)

It was two weeks before Halloween and the Periwinkles were busy as bees.

First, Mommy cut a loaf of bread.

Then she filled the washing machine with dirty laundry.

Finally she started to cook a cabbage soup for supper.

Daddy was also busy. He was upstairs tidying Jemima's bedroom.


Then he went onto the balcony to check the plant for withered leaves.

He watered it with a teapot, because he couldn't find the watering can. Then he murmured some friendly words to the plant and told it some gossip he had heard in town the other day.

The only members of the family that weren't busy that afternoon 
were Pip and Molly.

Pip was sleeping on a cushion on top of the sofa

and Molly was ogling the beautiful plate of fruit and cheese.

While the soup was simmering in the kitchen, Julie opened the cupboard where they kept the mail. She had received a letter that day she had not yet had the time to read. It was from her good friend Hester Hogwart. 

Why would Hester send her a letter? She did not know.

She opened it and sat down to read. The front of the letter said 
"Happy Halloween".

On the back was a handwritten message from Hester that said:

Dear Julie,

I invite you to my workshop "Midnight, Moonlight and Magic" 
on October 31st at 9pm. (Please see map down below for locale.) 
Attendance is free. Only requirements are warm clothing, a magic broom 
and an open mind. 

With love,

"My goodness, a witch seminar, Molly! How exciting! I'll definitely attend."

Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Jemima was finishing a work of art.

Quackie was watching her, desperately trying to ignore the orange donuts on the plate next to her. They were a present from Hester and the black spider topping was freaking her out.

James entered the kitchen and asked, "What's this, love?"

"I dwew a picture of Jack, Daddy!"

"He really does look like our jack-o'-lantern, Jemima! Great job!" said James and gave his daughter a cuddle.


I would like to introduce my three spooky jack-o'-lanterns. 
I carved them myself.

And I would like to give a huge 

to all you lovely people that have been 
supporting me and my blog over the past months

with your comments!!!

It means a lot to me.


Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Pickles And Fudge

As I've mentioned before, I didn't get to the train station in time to make photos of Fudge's arrival. Fortunately, James Periwinkle was there and took his camera along!

He took some photos of Fudge while he was waiting on a park bench next to the station for someone to pick him up. It can be quite a busy part of town, as Sylvanians come and go to the train station and the park.

A mother was taking her kitten to the park in a stroller.

Little Ralfie Hazelnut stood at the stairs to the station, observing a mouse that was nibbling on a piece of dark chocolate.

In a tree behind Fudge a squirrel was enjoying the sunshine. A young rabbit girl in a pink dress walked by.

The sky was very blue that day. It made Fudge happy, so he sat there smiling. Next to the bench was a fountain. There was a yellow duckling sitting on the edge, watching the Sylvanians.

Mother cat sat her baby next to it. At first, the duckling felt a little anxious. Baby was very large and intimidating from the duck's point of view...

Meanwhile, the pink rabbit girl had taken a seat on the step next to the mouse and watched it finish its food. Mr Schaefer was also at the station. I believe he was waiting for a relative to arrive.

Then, Ralfie sat down next to Fudge. "What's your doggie's name?" he asked. "This is Pickles," Fudge responded, "He's my dragon." "Can I pet him?" Ralfie asked. Fudge nodded.

Pickles the dragon had come along with Fudge secretly. He hadn't even had a ticket for the train. Fortunately, no one except Fudge took notice of him during the trip, or they might have sent him back. They got along so well during the train ride, that Fudge had decided to keep him.

Finally, the Hogwarts arrived. What a special moment!


And there came Julie and Jemima Periwinkle.

Fudge couldn't quite believe what he was seeing. Was that a teeny tiny rabbit girl with a duck on her head? She was so cute, he had to rub his eyes to make sure he wasn't dreaming.

I bet Birgit told him over and over again to be polite when meeting his new friends, which is why he laid down his packet of toffees and got up from the bench to shake Jemima's tiny paw.

Oh, never mind! Forget the formalities! Why not a warm and friendly bear hug?? 
Pickles the dragon and Jemima's duck Quackie greeted each other, too.

Did you notice what went on in the background? Ralfie that little rascal snatched Fudge's packet of toffees and helped himself to a piece...

"Mommy!" said Jemima, "Da bear so fuzzy and smell of chocolate!"

Meanwhile, Pickles had loaded Quackie onto his back and was carrying her back and forth along the grass.

"A pleasure to meet you, Fudge! We've heard so much about you!" Hester said warmly and Hamish snorted in approval.

Then she took something from her basket. She had made a garland for Fudge as a welcome gift. But of course Hester wouldn't be Hester if she hadn't made her own version of a flower garland. Actually, there aren't any flowers on it at all. Instead, she has strung together a bunch of ceps.

Pickles watched enviously as Hester hung the mushroom garland around Fudge's neck. Even from down there Pickles could notice its smell of earth and wood.

"Oh dear," said Hester apologetically, "I didn't know you would be accompanied by your pet dragon, or I would have made a necklace for him too!"

"I do have one loose mushroom inside my basket though!" said Hester as she offered it to Pickles. Pickles smiled happily but was too shy to say anything.

They spent a lot of time in the park talking and introducing Fudge to all the passersby.

When it started to grow dark, they accompanied Fudge to his new home. Julie and Jemima walked ahead.

Then came Fudge, Pickles and the Hogwarts. 

Pickles carried his welcome gift proudly between his wings. And no, Fudge hadn't suddenly grown a fringe, he just thought the mushroom garland would make a lovely headpiece.

Have a nice day! :)


Wednesday, 5 October 2016

A Home for Fudge

Do you remember that in my post about Fudge, Riverside's first and only Biwubear, I mentioned that my Sylvanians asked me to build him a house? Here it is! 

Please judge it kindly, as it is my very first handmade doll's - or in this case - Biwubear house. :)

Note: The practical ladder on the roof is lent from Riverside Lodge (currently known as Cat Shelter Deluxe).

As you can see, Fudge's new home is still a work in progress. There is room for a terrace or garden on top and I haven't done anything to the outer walls of the cottage yet. But the inside is finished and ready for some furnishing! Here you can see the second floor - a pink bedroom.

And this is the kitchen. For the creation of this little cottage I took three empty boxes, which I connected using tape. Then I glued in wallpaper and paper for the floors, as well as a strip for the moulding. 

The window frames are made of cardboard which I covered in a little acrylic paint to give it a shabby look.  

For the view I have taken cut-outs from a poster of Tina Kraus, the illustrator of a children's book called "Maluna Mondschein". 

The "glass" of the windows is made of thin translucent plastic. I laid different kinds of moss underneath to make the scenery a bit more three dimensional.

Oh, look! Hester and Julie are discussing the finished interior.

"Very solid window frames, don't you think?" asks Julie. "Oh yes," agrees Hester, "I believe they will protect our new friend from extreme summer heat, as well as the low temperatures during wintertime."

James and Hamish enter the kitchen. They are carrying a  cupboard and poor James is panting for breath. Rabbits aren't  made to be professional furniture removers...

Now they are putting the cupboard upright...

...and placing it into the corner.  Done!

"Let's get the stove," says Hamish.

All the furniture and appliances have been donated by residents of Riverside.


"Now let's get the living room furniture," wheezes James.

"At least the sofas aren't as heavy as I thought..." he huffs,
while Hamish hasn't even broken out in a sweat.

 "Hamish is in such good shape!" remarks Julie.

"He's used to moving around heavy furniture due to our poltergeist problem..." explains Hester.

Later they have a little chat upstairs in the bedroom about how they are going to decorate.  

"We shouldn't decorate too much. Fudge should feel free to make this place his own. But maybe we could give him a plant or two," says Hester. 
"I agree," says Julie, "And some candles for better lighting".

Let's see what they come up with... :)