Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Sunday, 14 February 2016

At the Hogwarts' (Part 2)

It is evening and Hester Hogwart has seen her last client for the day. She has prepared supper for Hamish and herself. To be honest with you, my readers, I don't know what kind of soup this is... You never really know with Hester, as she loves traditional wizarding cuisine and thus prepares the strangest dishes... The soup smells rather pleasantly of curry, though.  

Hamish comes home carrying a large umbrella. 
"Hello Ham, has it been raining?" Hester inquires. 
"Oh yes, it's raining cats and dogs!" Hamish replies. "Really quite lovely weather today, just a bit warm. Where is the umbrella stand, Hessie?"

"Since it didn't rain for so long I put it in the closet, so Ruff wouldn't gnaw on it. I'll go fetch it for you," Hester says and returns with the stand. 
"Thanks Hessie. Now where are my three little bacon rolls?" Hamish asks, referring to the triplets. He starts to take off his jacket.

"Dada, dada, look!!" calls baby Henry as he runs into the parlour with Hester's broom stuck between his chubby legs. 
"Riding Mommy's broom quicker than the wind, eh? What an excellent wizard you're turning out to be, my boy. Just as great as your mother!" 
"Dada!" cries Hope.

"Come here my little witches and give me a cuddle! 

Then Hamish greets Ruffle by tickling his ear. 
"Where is my little Hattie?"
"She was sitting in the armchair a minute ago," says Hester.

And really, there she is, staring at her mother's book of spells. 

Hamish closes the book and puts it on the floor. 
"Now I know you're all eager to become professional witches like your Mommy, but you shouldn't play with this old thing, Hattie, it's powerful stuff." 
"Was she opening my book again, Ham?" Hester shouts from the kitchen, slightly annoyed. 
"Oh no, I caught her just in time."

"Come along now, the three of you!" Ham playfully orders, "Even dilligent little wizards need to sleep once in a while!"  
The siblings waddle off into their bedroom. 

After tucking the children into their beds, Hester and Hamish finally take a seat at the table.
"Ahhh, what's this now?" Hamish asks. "It looks delicious."
"We're having mouldy carrots and curry soup. Oh, and I also got us some cheesy bread from the Periwinkles' bakery. Enjoy!"

Hamish is just about to bite into his bread roll, when they hear a loud "POP!!!!" that sounds like an explosion.
Hamish almost falls from his chair. "What was that, Hessie? It came from the kitchen, I think!"

"Another one???" Hamish hears Hester say, as he follows her into the kitchen. There is a big, fat, green frog sitting on top of Hester's pot.
"Ohhh, they've been popping out of my potion all day long," Hester explains. "I'm not sure why, but maybe that's the "unfortunate side-effect" mentioned in the recipe..."
Hamish winces. "What do you mean, they've been popping out all day? Are there more??"

Hester opens the back door and comes back into the kitchen carrying a large white tray which she places on the floor in front of them. 
"Look!" she says, pointing at the tray, "These two exploded from my potion earlier today! I smeared some honey on the tray to attract flies and now the frogs have gone crazy!"
The frogs on the tray are covered in flies and it seems like they are laughing hysterically. 
"Teheheheheeeeeee! Hahahaha-haaaaaa!"

"My goodness, they seem quite drunk, don't they?" Hamish chuckles. "Do you suppose it's from all the flies or from the honey?" 
"No idea, Ham, but they really are two giggling weirdos, aren't they?" Hessie answers, just before starting to laugh herself.

"Where's the other one?" Hamish asks, still carrying the soup spoon in his hand. 
"There he is," says Hessie. "He seems to be making friends with Ruff!"

Several days later, the Hogwarts make this lovely family photograph. The three frogs called Bounce, Wiggle and Slurp by the triplets are now part of the family, too.


Here are all the fimos made by me that were included in this story and the last.

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Saturday, 6 February 2016

At the Hogwarts' (Part 1)

I just recently realized I have hardly ever shown you any of my handmade miniatures! This is why, in my following blog entries, I would like to introduce some of the little animals, plants, food and household items, etc. which I have made over the past years from fimo clay. 

Today I would like to invite you to join me as we take a look at the home of another of Riverside's families. We're at the home of Hester and Hamish Hogwart. They live here with their three little piglets Hattie, Hope and Henry, which I have already introduced to you in my blog entry from January 2013  called "Halloween in January". 

This is Hester Hogwart's "office", so to speak. It is here where she reads people's palms, communicates with ghosts or sees into the future. 

Hester Hogwart is a witch, you must know. This also explains why there is always some sort of thick, dark potion brewing on the stove...

This is Hester sitting at the dining room table. She went into the woods today to collect some snails. Her children like to play with them and they make a great addition to her husband's favourite dish: grub and termite mush

And here are Henry, Hattie and Hope. They prefer to play with snails instead of eating them.

The triplets can't reach the bowl, so Hester places it on the floor in front of them.

Then she goes into her office, to a large green plant placed next to the red armchair and bends down. What is she doing?? Why is she whispering something to the plant? Slowly, the leaves inside the pot start to move and a raspy voice says,

"Yum, yum!" It's Ruffle, the Hogwart's talking plant and he is letting Hester know he is hungry. He might look a little scary to you, because he has two white fangs sticking out of his mouth, like a vampire, but actually Ruffle is as friendly as any other household pet and he wouldn't harm a fly...

Ruffle's favourite food is raw mushrooms. As you can see, Hester is kneeling down to feed him one. 

Now she takes a seat in her red armchair. Ruffle is munching away on his mushroom while she gets into the right frame of mind to receive her next customer.


The white pot on the stove, the bowl of snails, Ruffle the pet dog - I mean plant! :D - and the mushroom were all made by me from Fimo clay.

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