Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Sunday, 8 October 2017

The Halloween Squad

It's finally October, or should I say "Halloween month", Hester Hogwart's favourite time of the year. Personally, I like it a lot too, since my favourite food is caramel and anything sweet, and I get a lot of caramel trick-or-treating and also "preparing" for the 31st. One has to make sure that one's stomach can take so many sweets in one night, am I right? So, each year, I make sure that my stomach is wide enough by practicing with my beloved Tofiffees!

Nina, my Mommy, decided to start and prepare for the 31st too, but strangely not by eating. Instead she went shopping this weekend (in the sweets section...). I was more than a little offended that she didn't take me along, but since it's nearing Christmas, and "Santa knows when you've been bad or good", I decided to better not throw a temper tantrum...

Nina also gathered together some other (non-edible) things this year, that she thought our trick-or-treaters might like. Although I haven't a clue why anyone would like something not edible on Halloween... These stickers might LOOK colourful and delicious, but don't bother licking them... They simply taste of glue... Just thought I'd warn you there... Not that I tried it myself or anything... *cough*.

Apart from breaking up her collection of non-tasty stickers she is also giving away her collection of cute sticky tapes and an entire bag full of colourful erasers (they don't taste good either...).

I definitely like the bags of smarties and snickers in this picture best. And then there are those pink bags which are wonderfully named "Joy-Mixx". What a smart person that must have been who named these bags. They contain sweet and sticky and delicous packets of MAOAM. Yummy...

This is what Nina is planning on doing with all the sweets and other items. She is going to fill little bags with them. These are three leftover bags from last year. I don't actually know WHY there were leftover bags of Halloween sweeties... (If Nina had shown them to me I would have taken care of them. *hmph*)

Those eyes do look a bit disturbing though... I wonder whether they were Hester's idea...

I couldn't let Nina do all that work on her own, especially on a weekend, so I called up my very best friends in Riverside and we decided to establish Riverside's very first Halloween Squad. What do we do? Well, we inspect Halloween sweeties making sure Nina uses only the best, we sort them, and then we help Nina eat them - *cough* I mean, of course, that we help Nina fill up the little bags with a mixture of sweets.

This is Pickles and me examining the quality of the chocolate covered toffees... (I reeeaaally hope Santa sees me being good!!)

Here are Jemima Periwinkle and Ralfie Hazelnut checking out a large mound of gummy sweets. (Wow, the way Jemima is inspecting that eye - that little rabbit really isn't afraid of anything, is she?! *gulp*)

Wendelbert is having a look at the smarties. He is simply ecstatic to be part of the squad.

Together with Hester Hogwart he has found out that the boxes aren't just for packaging - you can also play a game of dominoes with them!

Here, Pickles and the children decide to take a more direct approach and do some... aaah... "preventive unpacking"? *giggle*

Meanwhile, Hester and the magic pumpkin take a bath inside the beautiful and delicious Joy-Mixx!

"Maybe we should celebrate Halloween once a month..." ponders Hester and the pumpkin agrees.

After relaxing in a sea of MAOAM they climb the mound of erasers. Hester finds her personal favourite at once!

Ralfie and Jemima check out the box of tapes and animal markers. I like the ones with teddy bears on them... But oh! Ralfie has fallen into one of the tape rolls head first! Jemima sees him frantically wiggle his legs.

And here is little me again going through the stickers. In a perfect world these would smell and taste of cupcakes...

Mommy was able to fill up all forty bags with our help!

I even did some "filling up" of my own, if you know what I mean. *wink* The bag of Joy-Mixx actually got inspected several times by Hester and me... *whisper* But pleeeeaaaase don't tell Nina...

Here is what two of the bags look like up close. Not too bad, if you ask me. The sticker of the cat in evening dress kills it.

Another weekend of Halloween preparations has come to an end. 

Halloween - such a wonderful celebration of witches and spells and pumpkins and monsters and ghosts and moonlit nights and most importantly SWEETS! Oh no, actually, I have to correct myself: 

Most importantly a celebration of FRIENDS like these!!