Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Paranormal Hogtivity (Part 2)

For anyone who was wondering, here is the definition of poltergeist:

A poltergeist (German for "pounding ghost") is a supernatural being that manifests itself through noises, rappings, throwing or levitation of people or objects and the creation of disorder.

And now let's continue with Part 2 of the story:

Hamish can't believe his eyes. In less than five seconds, Ruff the talking plant has chomped off the ladybug's head, sucked out all the bug's squishy bits, eaten the leftover crunchy part and let out a happy burp. 

This can not be true. Nobody is allowed to eat his children's pets, not even Ruff! Ham can feel the anger rise up inside. "Hesteeeeeeeeeer!!!!" he calls as Henry whispers into Hope's ear, "Dada's really mad now..."   


"My goodness, Hamish, what's going on, why are you shouting like this??"

"Hester!! This, ahem... "vegan" plant of yours has eaten one of our children's ladybugs!!" 
Hester stares at Hamish blankly. "What are you saying? First of all, Ruff isn't my plant at all, he's our plant and you've always been very fond of him... and secondly, Ruff's vegetarian! His favourite food is mushrooms. You know that, Ham!" 
"Oh really?? Then why did he just chomp off a ladybug's head in front of Henry and Hope??" Ham glares at his wife.
"What??" Hester is appalled, as slowly it sinks in what her husband has said.

"He told us he was vegan, Hester, and now he is eating up family members! Vegans don't even eat eggs or milk. If he were vegan he would never eat anything with... with legs on it!!" Hamish rants as Hester slowly turns around to look at Ruff. 
"You know, Ham, actually he never said anything of the sort... It was Prissy, the shop owner of Prissy's Peculiar Plants who told me that Ruff was vegan. And now that I think of it, she only mentioned it after I had told her we had three little piglets and I was looking for a plant that was particularly child-friendly..."

"Am I right, Ruffle, dear?  You're not vegan at all. Why didn't you tell me you wanted something else to eat?"
Ruff leans against the table in shame and starts mumbling something into his leaves. 

"Oh, you poor thing, don't you worry about that!" Hester tells him.

"What is it?? What is he saying?" barks Hamish. 
"The little darling just told me he kept it to himself, because he was afraid we might send him back to the shop. He says he likes it here, and that if we cooked him a burger once in a while it would keep the bugs safe."

"So... that's what he said, huh? Now he wants us to cook him burgers...." Hamish was still looking very upset and angry when he picked up Ruff and sat him on the sofa in front of him. 
"Please don't scold him anymore, Ham. He's already feeling bad enough," Hester pleaded with her husband. "He's afraid we'll take him back to Prissy's Peculiar Plants now. Now that I think of it, I will be going back to Prissy's plant shop, but only to scold her for lying to me like that..."

Hamish clears his throught and inhales deeply. 
"No one," he says, "no one in this family gets left behind, just because he or she turns out to be different from what we expected! Hogwarts stick together."

Then he looks Ruff in the eyes and says, "Just promise me, promise you won't snack on the kids!!!
Ruff nods solemnly and with a raspy voice he says, "Children no snack. Children FA-MI-LY!" 

"It's lovely what you just said, Hamish. I'm proud of you!" whispers Hester and gives her husband a kiss on the snout. Ruff is now smiling again too, and looking lovingly at Hamish, who is willing to keep him even though he now knows the truth about him. 


Unexpectedly, Jemima's favourite ninja turtle Mikey was in town and offered to model for this photograph! 

The adorable googly-eyes plant was mentioned in Part 1 of "Paranormal Hogtivity". It was a custom order sent to me by Birgit of BiWuBären on the Blog, who also included the wonderful witchy pot of mushrooms as a gift!

Thank you so much, Birgit!!

Hester was over the moon with joy! :) 

Dear readers, 
Will Hester find an antidote to the poltergeist problem
Or was the "poltergeist" maybe just a potted plant throwing a tantrum 
because he wasn't getting the right things to eat? What do you think??