Ralfie and Jemima

Ralfie and Jemima

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Autumn Crafting with Hester & Fudge

Helloooo, dear readers! Maybe you have asked yourselves, "what about Nina and Hester's annual autumn crafting session??" Well, here it is!!

The only change is that it is even better this year, because it is the first official "Autumn Crafting with Hester and Fudge" (that's me!). Isn't that great? 😊

Here is the beginning. It started out with Nina and Hester and some lumps of air drying clay which they formed into pumpkins and a tea set.


I joined in during the second stage. We gave the pumpkins their first coat of "skin colour".

No, this is not a piece of ham I am holding - it is a particularly unhappy pumpkin. He did not react well to being painted.


I was sure that Nina would sort it out, though.

And I believe she did. Here are the pumpkins after receiving a second coat of colour, some glossy varnish and little shiny eyes. 

"Ham-pumpkin" is the second from the right. He's looking rather pleased with himself now, wouldn't you say?

Sooo many pumpkins... So what exactly do you do when your entire cottage is filled with pumpkins??

 Riiight - you throw a PUMPKIN PARTY!! 🎃🎃🎃

And that's exactly what Pickles and I did.  

We invited Julie Periwinkle who came wearing a party hat with ghosts on it.

And of course we invited little Jemima Periwinkle, whom we almost didn't recognize underneath her super awesome ghost costume.

Some other guests were Rona Hazelnut wearing a witch's hat and Hippolina, who wore a beautiful orange dress and brought along a magic broom.

Rona's brother Ralfie came dressed as a jack-o'-lantern, Hester Hogwart wore the most delightful little ghost headband, and her son Henry was a proud Harry Potter showing off a shiny black cloak and a wand made from Holly.

So - what exactly do you do at a pumpkin party, apart from dressing up in Halloween costumes?

 1. You dress up and meet your friends

2. You  W O R S H I P  the pumpkins

 and 3. You have lots (and lots) of caramel pumpkin spice lattes!!!




🍂🍁 ☕ 🎃 🎃 🎃 🎃 ☕ 🍁🍂

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Welcome, Hippolina!

Today Hippolina is coming to stay with Mother, Father, my brother Paul and I. In case you didn't know, my name is Portia Peachblossom. 

Dad has told us to not be nervous, that Hippolina is probably more nervous about her stay than we are and if we're nervous, she'll get nervous and then we'll all feel especially nervous and... you get the picture. 

That is why we are gathered in the living room acting normal.

Father has prepared everything for our tea.  

Paul is telling his penguin a penguin story, Mother is cross-stitching and I am multitasking. I am stroking our cat Aster with one hand and putting a beautiful pink necklace around my sheep's head with the other while telling it to behave. My sheep can get very naughty around visitors.

Suddenly the doorbell rings.

We all jump up and gather around facing the front door. 

"I'm so excited, I've never had a sister before!" Paul cries out. 

"You numpty!" I hiss at him, "What about ME??" 

"Aw Portia, you know what I mean - of course I have a sister, but we've never had a test sister before, have we?

Paul is right about that. I am so excited to have another girl in the house from now on. I can't wait to give Hippolina a welcome hug.

But trust the parents to be all patient and grown-uppy and to really take their time welcoming each other first. *sigh*  
In come Teresa Babblebrook and little Toby and the mothers exchange hugs and kisses.

Troy Babblebrook and Hippolina enter the living room behind them. Hippolina is wearing a pretty blue dress with pink and white flowers on it.

"Hello Hippolina!" I say, "How was your trip to Africa? You've got a lovely tan!"
Hippolina smiles at me and says, "It was awesome and thank you. You are the first to notice." 
And then she blushes a little, so I am feeling really good about myself and like I have broken the ice with her already,

when all of a sudden she turns around and leans into Troy Babblebrook. 

And when I think things can't possibly get any worse, she starts crying the most enormous tears I have ever seen another person cry.

"There, there," says Teresa and the Babblebrooks lean in for a group hug with Hippolina in the middle.  What is going on??

"Don't worry, children, it's just hard for her to say goodbye," Mother whispers to Paul and me, as if she were reading my mind.

The Babblebrooks leave because they don't want to postpone the inevitable and Hippolina gets a huge mother bear hug from my mother Orangine. Paul has suddenly pushed himself in front of me, so I contemplate pinching his dumb little tail in revenge, but then I think of my sheep doll and I stop myself. I have to set a good example.

Paul hugs Hippolina

and then it is finally my turn to give her my first test-sister-embrace.

After all the hellos and goodbyes and the crying and welcoming, Mother takes Hippolina by the hand and leads her to our comfy sofa. Aster joins her immediately and looks at her curiously.

"Oh Aster," I say jokingly, "have you never seen a hippo before?" (She probably hasn't...)

Dad is preparing our drinks.

Paul and I fetch something to eat 

and Mother chooses something for Hippolina. The Babblebrooks have told her she likes brioche with strawberry jam.

"I do hope you enjoy our homemade iced tea," says Patrick, our father. 

"Oh yes, thank you, I like it very much," replies Hippolina in a very well-mannered way. "In fact," she adds, "iced tea is my favourite drink."

And then we all tuck in. 

Hippolina seems to be relieved at the kind of food we eat. I wonder what she has been fed at some of the other families' houses?

I realise we should have test siblings over more often, since Mother and Father have made a special effort with our meal and we don't usually have muffins and brioche and puff pastries for tea...

Paul feeds his penguin another toy salmon.

And another one. 

(Well, actually, it's the same one.)

Hippolina seems to have a healthy appetite.

Mother has already finished and is having her belly massaged by Aster.

There is no food left on the dining room table - oh yes, a white chocolate muffin. Do you want it?

Hippolina and I draw some pictures and Paul listens to our conversation while cuddling the cat.

"I like your flower," Hippolina tells me. 

"Your bear looks good too," I reciprocate, after looking at her sketch. 

"Thanks," says Hippolina, "it is a picture of you."

After a while Hippolina stands up on top of a sofa cushion and looks at the family photos on our wall.

"I wonder whether I'll ever take pictures like that with a family of my own," she sighs.

"Of course you will, Hippolina! You just wait and see. You'll have at least one photo with every family you've ever tested, I'm sure, and then countless pictures with the family where you decide to stay! That's more family photos than we could even fit onto this wall!" I explain enthusiastically and Hippolina gives me a wide and happy smile.



🍮 🍩 🍹 🍪 🍹 🍩 🍮